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Of the of the cpu business from amd yeah i know it will be considering all the stuff that happened fifteen years ago with pentium four in am in athlon if rise in three ends up being seven nanometers before until gets there are you adding this to like no no but i will definitely i thought you were like i'm doing this during the show no no i don't think you'll forget that would be so that would be so much fun so on the subject of all of this lighting a fire under intel's but i think we've got time for one more topic with you and i think this is probably the best one jim keller is joining intel so this is supposed to buy none lock twenty one on the forum and the original article is w ccf tech so whatever you might think about them you can keep it to yourself because this is like a confirmed thing so just chill out but basically i mean this is not even this is not this doesn't do justice to to the guys resume but it says amd's zen and athlon sixty four cpu architect so pretty much the only times that amd has built anything competitive with intel in the last ten years the architects behind them jim keller has joined intel so this is after stints at apple where i believe was he working on cpu or gp at apple do do you do you remember.

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