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Could it not obliterate what would happen for you. To even suspected this was not her sister unless they it was because she was white. Why slavery we can't have is the only time we can't tolerate right over. The white one would a blacked-out accuser of slavery. Slavery around traffic was somebody. I have contacted. You thought maybe she auditor Zero to one hundred this right here gets gets a jakarta's because it makes me think about probably have told you before me tell the younger people i heard. Okay makes me think about. When i was younger i mean in was mc one of my cousins. And she she mixed her daddy who is. My cousin was in relationship with a white woman. And so it was me my mama. And my sinatra's in her and she couldn't have been no more than maybe two or three. Oh we had went out to prize prompts on even existing but we went out to eat. I believe it's just prime but go ahead right. we have. we not did eat. And so it's kind of like a ryan's or quincy's in some out of everybody. If you looked at us. I would have been the only woman that we've been quote unquote towel bearing age. And when my cousin when she was smaller she she actually like a little white girl hair she you know she darkened as she got older and so we was sitting there. Espn and having a good time. She was beside me and wheelchair. And i was feeding her stuff like that and it was. His own couple was sitting across from was not too far but across the news daily. Stop eating their food and they just stared at me her owed the whole time. We were there. And i didn't realize they were looking at first but once i realized they were looking. I ate it up. I just pretended like i was her. Momma i started kissing on a hugging owner beaten doing all types before black twitter so he already won. T shirt win. First-class blacks. i was because i was that. We're going to get you a mother fucking show spoken like a woman with three or four theme parks. When was just a child sir. I would not have the temerity to do it. If i'm interrupting me. Beach go to the bathroom. Yes this is the live with you. Know people that. I'm interracial relations talk about this all the time But yeah it's it's a hazard of being black in america in the melting pot and now now you're criminalized or you know your that baby's naming sound just from just from shit honestly i know by business. Nobody's business is in one of my other one of my kids and she was. She married to puerto rican and love him very dearly and when her children were younger they looked white too and so she would tell stories house. You would be out and people would accuse her of a bay your babysitter. They would tell her that one her child like she went through that for a long long time until they got holding at darker and israel car for me because it's specifically the criminality element. It wasn't just a well. Maybe that her mom. Maybe she adopted. or maybe. that's our nanny. Maybe you went straight to she's sex trafficker and escalate this up the past our and that's the only because why people be believing in racist shit about black people and you know if that's the case i'm you know i don't know what kind of lawsuit she had. But you would hear from me because you wasted my mother fucking time. She told the news but yeah. I hope there's more that can be done but the air. I mean to a certain extent the airline. I understand more than the the person who reported because the airline is like well if it is extravagant we have a report. We didn't do shit. We're probably legally in some type of bind for not doing due diligence. But like i said. I i it just fucked up. Plus with me is just fucked up because is rises. You know it didn't. It wouldn't have happened if they were both the same race right. There's always plausible deniability. I just thought it was did it. And why would you assume that if it was two white women would you have thought that it was if she to black girl. Two black girls. Would you thought that if to somebody no one's ever tells me of sexually traffic in my little brother right like is like is the reason for this anyway. Truecar's last one in honda dealership facing backlash after an employee posted this picture of trinity with kuhn's major milestone. Very first i purchase on my own. No one helped me album myself but instead of putting her real name the post labeled her a derogatory term trinity quickly responding to that post on thursday before it was the lead. The name says stereotype for online. No for the to me like ghetto. And that's the one there's something. Tv use towards people as a racial slur as an offensive term. A twenty one year old is a personal care. Assistant at a cumberland county nursing home. She was happy to buy a car with her own money but now is filled with hurt knowing. She was reduced to a stereotype. I felt like mine. Carrots was played with a very woman or screen shots of the posts since gone viral on facebook. And even talk the dealership owner telling you witness news off camera. He apologized to trade on thursday. And says the nell fired. Employee does not represent his diverse group of staff trinity. Hasn't touched a honda. She bought since the post. And i don't think i as cliche is not my name. I found a jurist. I should be just as turtle. Trudy is clearly still shaken up by the initial facebook posts and the overall nationwide reaction to it. She tells us this evening. She intends to take some sort of legal action. I'm in lumberton michael lozano. Abc news this many man this against your car is because that's the mother fucking shit where you you know what you can have my car. Because if i'm i guess what you're not going to get the monthly payments 'cause. I'm pretty sure she was in within a certain period of time. You take these car back. And i go by car sales and it's really really fucked up. Because who knows what she had to go through the eating get approved. Because i have a family member who has excellent credit and so whenever she would go into a car dealership placeman. She was buying her vehicles before they ran her credit anything. They want to give her the cheaper version day day kind of because she knew what she wanted a she knew what she could get for. She went in there. They tried to play her when they run them when they were her credit as a story when they realize you know she got the money that she could pay for it and when they do that she just declines what i go somewhere else then they put power. They put the post on their facebook page. The dealership did and described it. As congratulations to bonecrusher are twenty. Sixteen toyota camry. Will what possible reasoning. Could there have been. Yeah and not only. I'm taking my carpet. I never buy another vehicle to anybody else. You've been not bob.

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