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He's doing all of this because it's the only way he can see a space for him in his family and in his fate, which is like saying, it's the only way you can see a spot for himself in this life and in the afterlife, and he's doing it because he's kind of seen it work in a way. At least he's at least seen boys that he knew gay grow up and marry women and have a family something worked for them. Right. So why didn't it work for him again. To use the professional terminology because it's bowl crap, but Nathan had been hoping that it wasn't. Nathan, like most people who are religious head always prayed. It's what he learned to do when he was little. But his prayers were different now. It isn't conversations. It's me screaming at him to take this away from me. Literally, I just like screamed through the tears notice like please just. It always hard to like in the morning church usually like teacher way to pray as a kid. And so it starts with your heavenly father, and then it ends with in the name of Jesus Christ, man. So I always started it with like dearly father, and then I just was like, I'm doing my best. I am trying everything I k on. I'm going to end of the earth, Tim, make you happy. Just please answer this one prayer and take this away for me. Don't let me be gate anymore. Please. And that was basically but screaming. And then I always ended up with that when Jesus Christ Daymond. Nathan's family doesn't know about the conversion therapy. They don't know any of this. They think they're Nathan is just fine. They don't know that he's run out of hope. They don't know that he's picked data die. August twenty. Fifth, just after his twenty first birthday..

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