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Have you thought about changing the name for the plant? We've talked about on the limited. Yes, the knee forever weeding. Cassini endgame. Definitely definitely forever doesn't like very inspiring name. A game. I don't think Destiny's Child salmon. Yeah. The. The, the you know, we we're gonna we're gonna keep the two on the box awhile, yet with estimating. We think that. You know, I think it's a good reminder of, of where we started reminder of how, how far we have to go with the game. So you talk about stuff all the time, like different Claudia's could change the name, but definitely too much weight here to stay said, parking, I really think that we have finished business taken a lot of taking a lot of opportunities to board and pretty tight about it. It's not like on tires but I pretty much I'm gonna support you want density with. We actually have unit have not about that we have had no conversations recently about it like the idea of turn it off. Hasn't really been something like entertained. Well, I just mentioned expensive, and I don't like his activism still paying her servers all you guys got shaking your head. That's not getting picked up. Video format. It's all enough at this point, you know, it's not a big unit anymore. Three small, which makes the cheaper I have two minds about it because like I love like classic gaining and I collect all alternate stuff, and I love the idea of having a game be able to run forever emulate. And so that's one side of my brain mazing, if play destiny one fifty years in the future still on an XBox three sixty happy special. It'd be a special who is the original Peter England's. Now I got here too..

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