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I'm going with Greg Williams. I think he's gonna drop the most f. bombs in the first episode number two on my list is Todd Haley. And then number three, I've got Hugh bringing up the rear. So did I get that right. I would say your first two or accurate. I don't know which order it's going to be in, but Hughes, not a huge f-bomb guy. I would say it's probably going to be one of the other assistance, like believe it or not Bob Wiley. He drops a lot of like subtle f-bomb. He's not a big yellow and screamer, but that's just a really big part of his vocabulary. You know, like an Irishman or or one of these guys from New York, it's just dropping bombs just as a part of his normal vernacular that, and I think going to be what number three is going to be because he's not a real big f bomb guy like football guys, speech as you just every other word becomes an f-bomb. Yeah, for an offense Lanka actually call that dog Cussing Cussing the guys out there. It's like in instead of saying, you know, or. Yeah, you just start dropping bombs. You can say the f. bomb by the way, you're no longer an employee of Roger Goodell. So he can't find you if you'd like to go ahead. I'm sure he would like to find me. So I better watch out here is like Mossad. Yeah, like secret assassins ready to kill people after they're done with the NFL. Yes, it's absolutely true. All right, Joe. Thank you so much. We have you done your like tweet from the lake being like, hey, hope everyone's enjoying training camp yet. Like, have you done that? That's a good reminder. I'm gonna have to throw that out there today. I'll tag you guys, please do it. Do it before the show airs because you'd like that's the big thing when you retire, you gotta be like all these suckers at training camp and I'm just hanging out. Yeah, yeah. And then and then they all tweet back at me their their paychecks through the weekend, big at the last laughing. All right, Joe. Thank you so much. Everyone go download. What is it? Come back once Tomahawk coming back people wanna know, dude, I can't reveal that right now. It's top secret, but it's definitely going to be right around the beginning of the regular football season. Okay. So week one is coming back top secret. We just got breaking news week one Joe's finally going to get back. You know what you're making your giving podcasters a bad name guys like us. We grind all summer. Come on. Get back in the booth before you know, people start thinking sports bloggers are lazy. Yeah. Well, you don't want little guys like you. You gotta grind year round. Keep your popularity up. But again, like me an Andrew hock and we're so big, we can take months and years off and people come right back row. Yeah, you can offer free LeBron jerseys to four hundred thousand people and then not deliver that kind of stuff. Right people just like even more after that you could better. Yeah, that is true. We would. We would never hear the end of that if we said something like that, but you ever. That's Joe, he's awesome. You guys should have played football, it's way better out there? Yeah, I did play in high school. I was scouting fullback. You may heard of. It should have gone that paycheck would have been nice would have been. All right, Joe. Thanks so much. Enjoy the rest of your summer. We'll talk soon. All right. Thank. This would actually be a good Rick Pitino add to because the name of the companies burst, but that interview with Joe Thomas was brought to you guys by bursts..

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