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Good morning. I'm Jason Bentley. Coming up on morning becomes eclectic new music from Jordan Rakai, the single say something singer songwriter Glen Hansard returns and flying Lotus has announced a new album with little dragon on the single spontaneous. Plus, stay tuned for our giveaway. It's big red machine. Live at the Hollywood palladium morning becomes a collective starts at nine on KCRW. The train. And. Teacher. Rich, my sleep. Does this? Mariko? Oh. In america. Candy doll. Bonding time. Receive? Nine. America. Doc. Prescription pain. Streaming. The country. In america. In america. In america. I can't. See? Last. Terms. See what you have to. History. Seeing. Strong that it makes you. Stand. Crew. The story. Say. Restraint? Killed true. No. Same. Rebelling. What? Speak. To come to. Check-in? Tennis on. Thought we chose. The. Shoes. Starts. Play. No. The. Stop. Click. Every. Fun stuff. Spe. Your. Things. So move. Cure. Well..

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