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Are you we are back with Ellen Pompeo, you guys know her from Grey's anatomy, and just this woman has just revolutionized Hella vision in a way that not just as an actor. But as a businesswoman. Because man, I mean, she's, you know, the history books will remember her moment here as a real hustle who has just turned this business into something that has really worked out for you now. Okay. No before we went to break we're talking about emotions. Now, there's one thing to be emotional. But there's another thing as an actor to give yourself permission to do it in front of fifty people part who part of the union, there's a lighting guy. There's all these people writers, and all these this another thing to be able to do that. How did you give yourself permission on the set to be so emotional? It's a great question. I don't know. But I think you'll agree with me vulnerability is one of the strongest assets, we can have absolutely and feel the freedom to be vulnerable. I guess it's cathartic for me because my emotion is so overwhelming less now it was much more. You know, when I was young and I had so much angst in so much to work through. And now that you know, I have kids, and, you know, my heart has sort of been healed. But I I was so lucky that I found acting because it was very very cathartic for me. I found a way to make money from all my pain. I thought this is fucking. Was it difficult to live with someone who's emotions or so on the forefront like that you'd have to ask my husband. No, I hear you. I mean, you know, it's it's a lot. It's a lot. It's a lot of stuff there. You know? So now, do you watch your scenes do you want? You. Do you go to the the camera the monitor and Sigalas? No, no. We don't really do play back on our show. We don't have the time because we're shooting eight scenes a day. So we don't typically if you're directing if I'm directing all watch a playback yourself every myself..

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