FOX, JAY, Johnny discussed on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast - Podcast 87: Steve Carell, Kristin Wiig and, of course, more pranks


That makes them on small with a how fox delivered for any occasion ego you all of late said okay yes so that's from jay doubly thus we've got so that where the johnny's part of the box the johnny's were in the box k what did they do just an entire box of jarwani's might to run a good they will be onion flavor no i travel perks journeys did you what flavor wheeled varied seo came after throw a really a different by ten that was by yeah acquit mortgage appetite yes spray let's do some serious news dominic bud hollow while you 1800s cleanup barred and know that so much attention so quickly so i saw this on the this kind of start doing the rounds yesterday on twitter and john prescott yet tweeted about as well saying the worst interview by a politician ever in capital letters at your summit collide yeah so now you may have heard recently the audience fee with diane abbott yet who good to see that she's she's fit and well a canon back to work and we talked about it and to develop parody of not and anybody can do an impression diane abbott anybody let's take pippa for example so pepper any up past diane abbott at me who is headlining glass debris to share yes so that is a good question chris and an important question who the headlines of leicester british and who all the headline is the of decimated again that's the question who whose headlining customer the shia were and we'll we all want to know that yes and aims of the yes and the acts uh yes and if the acts are yet.

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