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Bowie is on instagram at john. Ross bowie he's no longer on twitter. You can read all about it on his tumbler page though. That's a sentence that probably wouldn't make sense to pass generations but look it up. It's fun and he wrote something very nice and about that. So go check it out and check him out on the upcoming projects. He has a wraps at the moment. but he'll be on some stuff coming soon i hope. Hbo and netflix. To look for those Meanwhile jimmy carter is going to be seen in the flappers zoom room on february nineteenth seven. Pm pacific shows go to flappers. Comedy dot com. If you want to get tickets to that it's a virtual show that means you can be anywhere in the world and check it out so that's fun and support flappers you know. That's what jimmy's doing by doing. These monthly shows and hopefully you can support them to support us more than you're already doing. Which thank you for doing that. But you can go to our youtube page. Youtube dot com slash. Never not plenty and watch new episodes of jimmy's records and tapes. Every tuesday please subscribe. Please hit the belfer notification so you know when new stuff goes up and leave a comment or like a thumbs up whatever you want to help. Spread the word about that stuff. We appreciate that. Enjoy mad even during this pandemic you guys are eating right. Still the i still try to get three meals. a day and I think that's the way to continue living to to actually consume food. It's kind of like fuel for the human body. Jimmy when you talk about three a day what are you talking about breakfast lunch dinner. That's right. I see the that's right. Da now listen. Hellofresh is what. I wanted to talk about to discuss and talk with you about cuts out the stressful meal planning and grocery store trip so you can enjoy cooking and get dinner on the table about thirty minutes or less. Met you use hellofresh danielle using my beautiful wife. Danielle uses it to for the vegetarian options. Yup and she can confirm that it does make things less stressful. Certainly during these time where he tried to avoid the grocery store as much as possible and third delicious. I'm not a big vegetarian guy but when she makes these delicious you know we just had one that that that you guys could all have enjoyed together that i'd never had before it was a flat bread pizza way the zucchini and tomatoes and sort of afraid. Oh sauce it was really good. It was And it was easy At least cooked it. Which i appreciate very much that she makes it a lot easier for you. Cook super easy for me. I just walked into the dining ruminated box off your porch. You brought it in the unpacked. It i didn't even do that part. I think she did that to get to this other than just enjoying it. Well i sometimes i contribute. But this one she took on her own and it was delicious. And like i said it's vegetarian and And like Simple like you know the the the the bread. It's not like you have to bake the you know they don't make you like create bread dough out of nothing and then right the the bread and then you toast it and then you put the toppings and everything on it and then you you know you cook it in the oven and Boom wounding you got yourself a meal now just other people understand. You guys. don't have a pizza oven there at your house right. You just have a regular under a standard regular old oven. I am not a millionaire. So i do not have a special oven. Devoted just a pizza like some people. Do i forget who it was it. Was somebody famous. That i follow on twitter but that we also know And they went Hey bummer blah but now my wife makes the pizza and they show shows the wife. Take the pizza. A pizza oven nobody. Nobody released to that other that famous other famous people. Yeah that is that is definitely a level of affluence that I think most people cannot relate to it now listen..

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