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I so basically corbyn by nick accord you heard the question right he he had her cheek that you know he was close where they drifted apart and now she's getting mary but she hit him up and say that i still levy and now his head is all wow now let me give you some background 'formation according bentley he's 17 or he's about to be seventy he's a high school and you know they say he looked like zack after i i don't even know i still don't know who the folks at air for on it but you know i guess he's a pretty good looking wideboy absolutely okay hey corby as gross set the fuck up and you know he doesn't know what to think of this so now me personally ugly is just she's trying to resolve how they ended or they broke up she's not trying to tell him that you know she's in love with him she just saying i still love you i'm always love you but you know i'm getting mary now you have a nice life what do you think i think that he shared delete her and cut have cut her out of his forever why because water fuck would you text him in say i'll i still love you and you're getting married like you going to save this shit no she told him that she was give me gays and they were having a conversation and in the conversations as but i still love you though vecchi will be put right here on the twitter well you know hey listen at the end of the day here's filmon's are involved in so at it he she's getting mary is no more friendship is she the he fokker have you factor i don't think he further out the core refug him much of of of anything motleq him as best problem with his putting locker room is drawn because my fucking shit because i'm telling you what to do to four and yana foot i don't get it but you know out the tenants of course i don't think he fought.

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