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He saw the disabled vehicle facing sideways in the roadway between freeway airport and before 7 O four We believe they've gotten that tough out of your traveling at this point watch for any flashing lights along the right side but any delay is dissipated Now same listener Rick he was traveling toward eastern shore went by cape saint Clair that exit for saint Margaret's saint clerics at 29 nothing found in the roadway should be clear the unfounded crash and the roadway still open and Ricky if you're traveling across the bay everything's with you all the way through Queenstown no issues reported all the way to why mills We're going to check down 95 in Maryland from the capitol beltway through the Baltimore beltway running well both directions same with the Baltimore Washington Parkway both outside and inside of the beltway The only crash inside of the beltway is going to be on two O one Kenilworth avenue southbound after good luck closer to river road units are still marked on scene with the incident so watch for any possible police direction Into Virginia we go or 66 between roslin and front royal is at speed and that's a cautionary tale if you're westbound They're looking for a new disabled near one 23 X at 60 Again you could find that at speed said to be along the right side WGL energy's public sector department provides natural gas electricity renewable energy solutions for cities state and federal agencies meet your agency sustainability mission at WGL energy dot com slash public sector married a Pompey WTF traffic And out of storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman Another chilly day despite all the sunshine today highs in mid 40s the winds are going to be breezy too gusting to 25 mph.

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