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Aaron judge back from injury. Leading off for the Yankees went over. Four couple of strikeout. Still the Yankees previews before one that has seven straight wins for the Yanks. Dallas Kyko making his debut for Atlanta turned out. He was the losing pitcher after five extent when she gave up three runs, four three Washington, overland ESPN baseball analyst, Doug Glanville assessing titles effort the road. I mean was good when he was down misses him down consistently of great movement down the ball, sort of sinks away. Dives and changes when he's up at ball. Flattens out here. Eighty miles an hour, you're not gonna get away with it. That's the SPN baseball analyst Doug Granville at the college World Series. Michigan Texas Tech fifteen to three while Vanderbilt got to in the ninth and knocked off global three to, it'll be the Commodores, and wolverines for the first time since sixty two by the way in the final meeting for the national championship. It's the best three series starting in Omaha. Monday night on ESPN. The jersey devil, select Jack us in eighteen year old center from Orlando with the first overall pick in the NHL draft Friday night is the eight American board player to go. Number one in history. Dallas street here in Cromwell, Connecticut. Jack Suker as a one shot lead after two rounds of the travelers can't be chip on the PGA tour. But Saint Louis cardinals..

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