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Food items, including butter, beer of photo booth and virtual reality experiences. We've got a record 1 18. It's in Porter Ranch on the 1 18 westbound before Tampa Red here takes away the left lane. Expect that volume to begin right around receipt. A Boulevard K F I and this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bomb more on the 91 quite a problem that's still unfolding here. This is on the westbound our teacher freeway kind of the halfway point between the I five of the 605. Except where Artie's a boulevard crosses over the 91 of Carmelita. Now the true right lanes in a collector line. They're still shut down earlier. Christ, they're trying to get it out of your way. But it looks kind of complicated to me. There's a lot of activity down there. The backup is through Beach Boulevard. That's almost the vibe so again depends where you are. But Buller, tenor or Buena Park any of that use our teacher Boulevard. If you get on the West 91 at Rtg Boulevard, there's an on ramp there. It's pretty much full cell. Over towards the 65 and seven Ted. Just morning drive slow the eastbound side looking pretty good. No problems there. Injured in an accident visit superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Barr K F. Find the sky Does some activity in Diamond Bar 57 north down at the 60 where a car went over the side here. Your drive is going to be affected running on Pathfinder. Kft and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbin banks in Cuban, George, you gotta cause with J. Do you want out of that house up lyrics inspired by state farm? Surprisingly great rates, But my rates like that great like that drive safe like that. Save like that straight up facts. Great grace like a good neighbor State farm is there The Bank of Clark.

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