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To be do the right thing and get my sleep, and then I couldn't get to sleep. I don't know. I don't know why I wasn't worried about anything or you just like toss and turn that solar storm that was bombarding the earth with electromagnetic that was, my, that's what I thought maybe I is there a big solar storm going on whenever there is I just cannot sleep and my left knee. Twitches quite go. That's as scientific evidence right? There were done by the way, I always wanted to have on a radio show. We gotta do this from time to time solar weather. There is a solar weather report and everybody. We got the best. We got Kirk Mellish. We got the best in. Terrestrial, we're fine. So. Don't worry about that. People wanna know what the solar weather is. I watch us solar Weather Channel on YouTube is there a solar weather tailed suspicious. Observers is some sort of conspiracy thing. Yeah. I know it sounds like it, but there isn't you measured the solar weather, and how it relates to want it to be long or anything. I just wanted to be very quick, where somebody says, hey, whatever I don't even know what the parameters are solar. Is there win solar? Winds will be blah and. Like wind wind, right? It's electrons and things. Yeah. And they hit the earth. And sometimes they cause earthquakes is what this guy says. Really? Yeah. And if you get enough of them, the dinosaurs come, I know that'd be great. Seek out of the ground. Is that channel solve the local on the eight's too? Yeah. Yes. And they don't play that Weather Channel canned music. Anybody playing boom boom we now they changed it. Remember it used to just be smooth jazz. And then he turned it into like whether channel music the Smith's once. I heard okay wish you were here. Hey, you know, Jim cantore as a big fan of the show. So we should have him, do the space, weather, all it'd be great lessons every time. There's no. All right. Let's go researchers from Queen Mary university of London have found that drinking twenty five cups of coffee day won't hurt your heart. Oh, wow. Wow. Let's bring won't hurt your heart. You'll be impossible to live with their rebounder. Mel teeth be ground. When you're not in the bathroom, you'll be annoying. Twenty five cups of coffee. I, I can't take. I wake up in the morning. I drink too pretty large cups of coffee, and that's it for the rest of the day after that starts to make me crash in a weird way. I have a little bit sometimes like five minutes before we go on, I have a little booster, maybe half a Cup of coffee. But no, I know what you mean. Does like make you sleepy. Yeah. That's what it does to me. I, I the we'll have to get a coffee expert. It makes you, you you're sleepy right away. But if you give it a half an hour forty five minutes. What's the idea of being jittery? My youngest son drinks energy drinks all the time. Like, don't call me during your first panic attack. I warned you at what point do you, are you in the middle of the town square? You just.

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