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I'm a crazy psychopath. That's it. Not really, but yeah, I just don't like, again, go back to this. If you're working, so when you watch football, you're watching football for fun. You're sitting back, you're relaxing, you got pizza, you're eating with your hands. There's no pressure there. When I'm watching football, I've got a blank sheet of paper in front of me. I've got my notebook. My notebook's empty. I'm taking notes. I'm taking notes in my notebook. I'm left handed. So it's just taking notes, writing. I want to take about a pizza again. I don't want to get my hands all dirty, so I take about a pizza, then I got to dry my hands or wash my hands or whatever with a towel or with a sink. So I can grab my Pentagon. I don't want pen to get all dirty and greasy. So I just use a fork. It's easier. And I do have basically everything in my life and I use utensils all the time. And I have no problem getting made fun of. Ben says, this is a non Super Bowl question, but these past few days I've heard rumors that kayvon thibodeaux is falling down draft boards around the NFL. We're still a few months away from the draft. But if he really has fallen out of the top 5 and Aidan Hutchinson is the only top edge rusher. Do you think the Lions could take a quarterback at number two? If so, who do you think? I think Malik Willis would be the best option as he could sit behind Jared got for a year or two and developed. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I already talked about this earlier in the show, but I want to revisit in case you missed it or whatever. Malik Willis has got the most potential of any quarterback in this draft class, but I don't think he's ready at all. And I don't think he's going to be better than Jared Goff. I think what the lion should do is draft a quarterback in the second or third round, get like Sam Howell at a UNC and the second round..

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