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For the craft out tip jar back to the show. So why is wellness important for creative success. Well we only have one body and one mind with which to create all the things were up to and so wellness and minding our body and our mind which includes our emotions is going to allow us to access our creativity access. our joy. creativity takes risk. I have to be willing to risk. And when we don't feel well mentally or physically. We shut down and when we're feeling unsafe in we shut down. We don't risk their pets for people. Listening that Maybe you're thinking about forming meditation habits. What can you recommend in terms of best for people who wanna start diving in. So there's a lot of different kinds of meditation. Usually when people think about meditation they think about sitting criss cross lewis applesauce and staring at nothing or closing their eyes and clearing bear mind and some people might think of tm. Which is a sam mantra over and over again and you have to do it twice a day for at least twenty minutes These are more old school forms. There's a lot of power to be had in guided meditation. Especially if it's good guided meditation which just means tation. It speaks to you miami. Meditations might not speak to somebody else's will that make it a good guided meditation for you so start with whatever fills the most doable and know that. There's no real right or wrong as long as you are doing something that engages your black station response. Which all of these meditations will do to create space between the thoughts which all of them will do you will find a recipe that works for you so speaking of that. How can creatives. Who are overwhelmed. Having a block or just feel bad. Use guided meditation as a tool without would go back to learning how to access different in ourselves. So you could. You're feeling towns upset. You listen to something in. It's not that you're repressing it. It's that you're shifting it. We don't use meditation and maybe sometimes in the more historical types of meditation could use it to repress things and feel like you shouldn't be thinking or feeling something. That's not my experience with guided meditation. My experience with guided meditation is that it allows you to shift things like a little kid can be really upset and they can be having full on screaming meltdown tantrum because somebody took their truck and once they allow themselves to have that two minutes later. They're like have a happy now. Did they repress the feeling no they let it move through them and they shifted into a happier space again amazing. So we're going to go back to crafting a place to know. I'm sure you also do. Meditative crafting moments times. What is your writer die. Craft supply have my rider die. Crafts supply is actually a simple black sharpie nine cats. It's my favorite. What about like when you first open it and it's got that point and it's nascent juicy and then over time when at that point gets rounded out and it starts getting dried up. It's hard to part with a that. That moment i wish they could everlasting gob stopper. The tip of the sharp. My favorites are these guys which are really hard to find. This is the sharp australia Back so i don't know if you remember this or not but this is an audio show you gotta explained everybody listening what you're holding in your hand so the industrial super permanent ink sharpie. They're actually why are they so hard to find extra fine point. It says many a little more cone shaped i guess How to describe that one instead of being like a flat tip felt. It has more of a point. Yeah yes and. I do like the one you can often find in the store. Which is the sharpie ultra-fine point and this is best brand new like literally after grand brand now six or seven uses loses. It's it's And it gets crooked. Yeah it gets crooked. It gets like the end but man when i write my autograph with.

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