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Jack coder Joe, Holland from the post-dispatch all on the panel this after we kind of went through mccaskill Holly, and the the fight for control of congress when you really touch on the national races, though, before it gets to some of these amendments and everything Jane, it's interesting because I mentioned the cook political report Charlie cook in in his folks, very well respected. They said North Dakota, Missouri will go read, and they think it's safe at this point, the interestingly enough, they thought and this is where things get really interesting that beta Aurora who's been trailing significantly the polls in Texas might still have a chance of an upset. Do you see any other upsets happening in a lot of these states? The Republicans have surged, but I am noticing a bit of a tightening, which is maybe not altogether. Not surprising as we get closer to Tuesday. Right. I mean, I think again, I think it's I think it applies to what's happening here. I think it's there's gonna be there's gonna be a surprise there. Always is. But you know, I think some of these are going to be tight. I don't think North Dakota's gone, and I certainly think that that will guarantee on I don't know, maybe. But I just don't think that I think anyone who says they know for sure what's going to happen is wrong. The here is very strange voter registration. But the thing is it's happening on both sides. I mean, and I think that's the thing. That's we'll find out is the win younger newer voters. Go to register. They hold press conferences and sing songs, and whatever we're the other people just go I'm gonna go sign up. And then they go about their business. I mean, so I think we don't know they say there's ten thousand new voters. Well, what are they gonna do that day? That's I mean, having the new voters doesn't necessarily mean anything if you have somebody a democrat perceiving Republican threat goes in registers in a Republican perceiving that a democrat for that goes and registers. Let's just wait. He's in its surprising to you Democrats that while I'll concede that the houses. Is likely to be flipped? Although I would warn people out there that a vote for a democrat in congress is a vote for Nancy Pelosi, and that should scare the heck out of you. But you know, the Senate I'm not going to say, it's safe. But it does look like there could be some pickups through the Senate. So that's not exactly a Blue Wave, or at least not the Blue Wave that you guys were hoping and praying for back in June and July right now who remains to be seen. If they'll be a real Blue Wave the house looks in pretty good shape. The map was drawn for for the Senate. We've got tough. I mean, we're defending some really difficult Senate seats as Democrats it's going to get one. Development, by the way in Arizona today may or may not be significant but the green party candidate in Arizona has pulled out of that race and endorse Kristen cinema. And she has a slight lead over Martha mcsally that one's neck and neck sorta like Missouri, though cinema has held bigger leads. That's a weird race because they had Sally up five seven and then cinema up six of four the green party candidate. I have no idea that's enough to Swain election. But if it's narrow and very close, you just never know, you never know. And that's actually something that's not getting any any real play here in Missouri. There's a handful of third party candidates on the ballot for the Senate. I mean, so that you know, whatever percentage, however, those votes breakdown could impact this race. And I couldn't name any of those candidates. I don't know who they are. But I do believe we've got a sample belt there. I do but I don't have the entire ballot. They have it because I was going to talk about some of these amendments. So let's talk about that. Jane, I'll start with you and the clean Missouri amendment one. That's one of the big ones Europos to that. You're actually are you working on their campaign or not? I don't I don't know that there is a campaign. I mean, I'm just against it. No, I'm not I've been hired just in the effort of full disclosure because I am working on. We'll get the property in the second clean Missouri's anyone on the panel. I. Vote for it. I did I voted absentee I'm going to be out of my jurisdiction on election day. But damn well better. Because if you you know. We're gonna. Clayton for a little while. I voted for it. And and we talked about this couple of weeks ago on the on this panel. But is it perfect? No, I think the ethics stuff, and it's pretty good. And I think it's worth the gamble on the redistricting. Because what we've got now doesn't help the Democrats. We get smoked and redistricting every every decade. So let's at least they're talking about helping you clearly..

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