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Season there's definitely a level of connection there that i think makes the season an interesting moral a more interesting look with that in mind over forty three hundred yards passing forty one touchdown passes i was one of those and the preseason when we were talking about playoff contenders i looked at what oklahoma lost to the nfl it was joe mix it of semaj appear on he was didi westbrook up those are three nfl off its of players that you think will wait a second if those guys are gone how was oklahoma baker mayfield losing that production going to be anywhere near the college football player not only are they in the caused the ball plan there are a better team than they had last year losing those three players and that speaks directly to a baker mayfield can do he's going to be one of those players through the draft process we had david pollock with us on sports in a couple of weeks ago he said that that he believed the baker may to be the first quarterback off the board because of everything that goes into his it reminds me a lot of russell wilson the stature but more importantly the competitiveness and a willingness to want to win on every single play that can be good and bad but baker mayfield to go out there and has put himself back in the new cycle prior to the college football playoff going into the senior bowl is exactly who baker mayfield is and in a positive light because we know this guy's not without his worch off the field during his time in college football he had a few of those instances instances where you know brush up with the law the instant said i think is brother high school football game where he's going out on the field south that major question maturity a little bit along the way even this year we had some of the stuff you know the crotch grabbed that went on and things that people sort of bristle that a little bit put that get written off as just a guy being competitive after awhile look the immaturity is there there's no question the immaturity is there with him because he gets so fired up and so caught up in the moment there's that whole argument of is he just as he too passionate is he let the.

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