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Quid pro quo so now I find the whole process to be a sham and I'm not only just enough to escape inmates from Monterey county are now back in custody the Monterey county sheriff's office says customs and border patrol arrested the twenty and twenty one year old convicted murderers the Paraskevi from the Salinas jail on Sunday after cutting a hole in the bathroom Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news president trump's tax returns have appeared on the docket of California state Supreme Court as Jim group reports justices heard from an attorney representing Republican voters in the state over why the president should be allowed on the state's primary election ballot without releasing those tax returns it's a simple question whose job is an attorney Tom hill tack representing the voters argues the California constitution states it is the sole responsibility of the secretary of state using current constitutional guidelines to decide who is recognized as a candidate and place them on the ballot in an open primary California assistant Attorney General J. Russell argues the legislature has plenary power absolute power to guide the secretary of state and has done so with the new requirement that the candidates released their tax returns the justices now have to decide if the California constitution limits the legislature's power or if it is as the state argues absolute Jim group Los Angeles one LA city official once the cab stands to return to the horseshoe at LAX LA city council member Paul caress a long time supporter of the taxi industry as it struggles to stay alive in the ride Cher era says cabs still provide a valuable service they have disabled van this they help you put your stuff into the car and go and they actually don't really impact traffic much it's it's that uber's unless that were twenty five percent of the traffic they're not circling around like uber a lift and they only provide about four percent of the traffic there people that that would pay double what they already pay for a taxi just for the convenience they want to get in and out councilmember Garratts was aghast on the morning drive I'm Jeff Whittle K. A. B. C. news Richard Gere and his wife Alexandra silver are expecting their second child the announcement comes just nine months after they welcomed their first child together back in February the couple both have children from previous relationships the seventy year old care has a nineteen year old son well Silva is also mom to six year old couple started dating back in two thousand fourteen they tied the knot last year talk radio seven ninety days work Lakers beat Chicago clippers host Milwaukee tonight the USC Trojans beat Florida UCLA begins its season tonight when the Bruins house Long Beach state things lost in Toronto ducks skated by Minnesota and the Chargers insist they're not moving to London as originally rumored that sports on the new home of the U. S. C. Trojans and seven ninety ABC news time at twelve oh four ABC dependable traffic right now west in Santa Monica just before Robertson that will work in the two right lanes already jammed Crenshaw and south for five the end of the valley had a number of earlier problems all cleared but south for five is busy Burbank to Getty center Dr northbound one ten at the ten during a crash which is now on the right shoulder but it's visible so it's backed up to Swanson and west sixty back road to said and Edith road work during the mid days got traffic backed up the hacienda that'll be in the right lane.

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