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Brian or creative. What are we going to do. 'cause we're not doing this this week. okay well and then people just throw throwing throwing out ideas producers. Start throwing out ideas. And vince just picks the one he likes the most kevin you like it. Yeah i like it boom. We're going with that now. You have to restructure a completely new story. Basil's someone's pitching the creative me and maybe maybe it doesn't drastically change it but sometimes it really does so you know. I'm curious to see how much of this stays on track and how much you can kind of see as hurry up. And let's let's change this because you know the one thing to wade and i don't know what derating look like in the last two to three weeks leading up to money in the bank and then This coming monday. But you may see mr and vince going. Well probably hope to this working list. We'll get punk back in it at some point but that's jumped ship. And he seems tend to want to jump ship the second. There's a leak. Let's not try to pass the league just or a new boat in which jump on that new boat and four perspective. This monday show and this is a qualified complement was the best ratings since may twenty third so but we had july fourth which was a two point four the the week before. Which was i think. Part of the punk storyline for sure. You know he has to take credit but if he gets credit for three point two tube barely getting credit. 'cause people were disappointed by that rating. From what i saw from talking to. Wwe people tuesday night after smackdown taping if even gets credit for well at least it was better than what it had been. He gets credit for the two point nine one week before that also or the storyline does not just pod and the ratings before that were three point. One three working backwards three point. Eight three point zero five three point seven. There was at three point four two. I talked about that before that. Three point one three point two three point five three point five and now we're kind of get back into wrestlemanias season so you know. It's just basically the ballpark. It's just an average rating of what they've been doing Before we get to call john Just a take a turn here. I got a cold of another july of july cold after hanging out with your ex co work well not hanging out with being around him and meeting them Your ex coworkers. So writing thing david poor and different production people and other writers. Are they germy people. Well you these guys never get any sleep and they're on airplanes twice three times a week ago You know there was always somebody sick. Luckily i only caught it with one but Yeah you if you if you were around. And they probably had those little fleas right above their head. They just came over to you in a few. Why was around the wrestlers too and and Agents and had a nice time talking to pat patterson too so i it's not just writing but something about them just made me think they were to blame so and because you're on the show and used to work with him. I thought you could add particular insight into whether they're germany people in the reason that i got on creative not one person the other. There's never a week where someone is. Not sick yes yup.

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