Ukraine, American State Department, Hunter Biden discussed on Sean Hannity


A bridge to get favorable treatment to a foreign company doing business in in the Ukraine what Dodd juniors I'm the board and working for that company every American would know that it believes bad blue star until you're literally blow in the face because the lefties would never shut up about it first of all it would actually stink to high heaven add they would manipulate that impounded impounded involved it is long past time that American conservatives know how to play that game and in this case you don't have to hype up and make a fake story we know the hunter Biden was on the board of a response we know the blue star was their American lobbying firm and we know that there were allegations within the a crate of corruption involving that company if the American state department was compromising coopted by hunter Biden to gain advantage for a company based in the Ukraine well nobody I would sure go about it if was Donald trump's sided not Joe Biden side right right your better remember that a breeze but not forget it again aka Bali out five fifty died to stock up at thirty W. I. S. it's time for rapid traffic in ninety four westbound at Lewis a crash off to the right shoulder ninety four westbound type twenty fifth street.

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