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I didn't know what he said five times I'm a fan and I love Belcher and we wish you a lovely was here but you know what he was a very good man and the reason I didn't love meant nothin adored strike it out in in six a really didn't start before that it was before that it's all I have but but I've called now I came to embrace calls bell train when you got the manager job I got a lot a lot you wanted him to get the job of course I want to get the job I felt that he wanted to make job I I put stock in at that a guy we wanted to Miami Joe play for my team we we were being trolled on the tell you why Gary was trolling us me obviously wish because he said the looking strike out five freakin times when he said the first time okay fine I get a vehicle struck out looking yes it is the second time okay by the third time I said okay we get the party was a very good match this is what I was not a very good man it was you know not not the truth court but that's not even his point this was somebody who knows let me bring up that horrible moment fifteen prime right because I know it's going to work because I'm a Yankee fan right we get it we get Carl struck out looking he also had a big series in the National League Championship Series that year I think it's three home runs in that series they didn't lose simply because Carlos Beltran was called looking now they lost partially because Tommy Glavin couldn't hold the lead in game five well because they blew a lead in game two with Scott Spiezio that's why they lost with that said Beltran was a very good man and I know we had mixed kind of feelings from you in a lot of met fans I get that but I think when it ended most men fans who maybe didn't love him said you know what he was a good man he was are a why he got the job was because he was a good man yeah that's true you're right about but my I guess my point was trying to say is that that strike out has nothing to do with it I mean I you know I don't think that that we know why that was mention of course of course and it you know what Gary I give you credit it worked because you kept rubbing the scar and now the scar started to bleed okay we get it it was horrible that moment that strike out the pin drop sounded Shea Stadium hearing breeding looper screaming or yelling because he did some damage to sleep on a conference room but without without going to the World Series yes it was it was terrible and see call base coming up putting on Robert's here in the afternoon till six let's say you just bought a house bad.

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