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And description so she immediately went to the police and that was the final break they needed market assad was immediately arrested and interred in the chateau dissimilar then a prison and side note. This all happened less than a year. After he married his wife so he spent less than a year in prison was released and then immediately upon his release was like yellow and immediately went back to doing the exact same thing frequenting brothel kidnapping women so eventually the police were like we can handle this anymore. And he was eventually exiled back to his residence. Outside of paris in seventeen seventy to his wife and his primary staff remains behind at their parisian residents the residents and paris so now saad was alone in a big house resonance completely by himself. What does he do. He wasted no time looking for new staff even though he was confined to house arrest in for the most part he did abide by that. He skirted this by basically continuously hiring servants that he repeatedly tortured and raped police. Upon hearing this. Because what would happen is he would hire someone. You would drag them into his sexcapades mass orgies. People and aristocrats from paris would actually even visit him and he was notorious for mass orgies and actually forcing his own staff to participate in it. So staff would constantly be leaving and going to police and being like. Hey this crazy bastard over here mamie do x y p and q so. The police finally once again began to survey has residents now in the ultimate display of a mom protecting her shit bags on. And we've seen a million of these right. We all know the person or the mom who has the ship bags on who has like arrest warrants a mile long literally beat a kitten if it meant getting him look whatever. He wanted drugs car stealing. We've all met the mother who's like i love him and we'll just you anything for him. So that was marquee toussaud's mother she didn't care how many women he raped tortured. Whatever drug she was like. I love my son. What does she do she actually goes and secures auroral order protecting him from the jurisdiction of the courts..

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