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Dot spectrum dot com slash federal. Good Wednesday morning, middle of the week. March 22nd, thanks for spending with us here at WTO at 1248. Which owners of the WTO traffics him. All right, getting word of a serious crash in Montgomery county is going to be on turkey foot road in the area of Jones lane. It's about halfway between route 28 darnstown road and trivia lane, so kind of between Potomac and geysers Berg and for the moment turkey foot road is closed in both directions, crash involving one overturned again a heavy response remains unseen the roadway shut down in both directions. If you're traveling in Virginia, 95 south passionate south to one 23 the works in a single right lane, then south to route one spotsylvania single far right past the work zone, crash continues, clean up and investigation northbound Salem church road before you get up to route three plank road against southbound lanes are open north, though, still being diverted as a result watch for police direction. If back in Maryland, three O one southbound, traffic still being diverted at the intersection from mckendree road cedarville wrote due to the serious crash under investigation. Hurry to Ashley the Saturday take 20% off select king and queen power bases. Save up to $300 on select matches plans, plus rapid delivery, the Saturday at Ashley, rich hunter WTO traffic. We've got a good-looking day on Wednesday, look for a mix of sun and clouds, high temperature in the low 60s. On Thursday, we'll see rain moving in overnight Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Now Thursday afternoon looking pretty good, some sun and high temperature of 74

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