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You see from those two teams. The what i see is not what i see from those who teams. It's what i see from the nfl. The nfl is the kansas city chiefs and patrick mahomes and everybody else. And if your record is two or three games above five hundred congratulations. You're fraudulent. it is literally. You are fraudulent team in the nfl. If patrick mahomes isn't your quarterback this steelers are eleven and no and not a single person. Thinks they're gonna win at all. Not a single person thinks there. And we're not just saying that. Like vega picking picking teams in the nfc. That could win an offer because they can get to the super bowl. But what did we watch. We watch brutal. Rg three football and it got a little fun when he ran that on third and ten for forty hours for whatever reason i mean the ravens d backs were making tackles day. All over the field and make plays four yards. Slants the entire time. I was clawing my eyes out at this game. And all i hear about is the pittsburgh steelers offense. They're not this what they used to be. The jerome s. They spread them out. They've got johnson claypool. Juju hebron yada yada yada and they're running four yards. Slant the entire time. Sorry buddy if you play the chiefs in the afc championship game. You're gonna have to score and you're gonna have to score a lot and you're gonna have to score fast and i saw none of that today. Granted the ravens day is good and kept them in the game. It's probably better than the chiefs de but you don't play against the chiefs not today's platts. If you're playing against the kansas city chiefs. I know you see lamar jackson on the monday night game. He said i'm not playing playing defense. Not patrick mahomes. You are playing against patrick mahomes. Because of how quick they can go down the field and score. You were playing a lot of other teams. You play against their defense. Because you don't have to worry about their offense as much as an opposing offense. You legitimately have to worry about the chiefs offense. Yes so when every time the steelers went five wide you felt like open and exposed like you are naked offensively with the with the steelers and now pictured the chiefs doing that. You have a quarterback whose tenure of mobile depri- more accurate better armstrong and his weapons are faster to. It's her right right. It is a and running backs are good. You willing to say the chiefs of the best team ever finally no not ever. I think they're clearly the best team in the league right now. Though i i've been on that i think they're beat us league right now. Best team in league history tomato tomato. My thought steelers. I'm not gonna go as far as abe saying. They have no shot but ryan clark tweeted it. This steelers team the version. They are today after week. Twelve has no shot. They would not be kansas city. Even in pittsburgh could they get their sure but depress a huge loss for them. But it's just that align run game is in what they expected it to be. Snell actually played really well for a bad. Push the line against the ravens backups. Ravens have lost four or five games so of the. We've pretty much gotten. Nah i want to. We've lost the past three where seattle-cleveland the giants the by dallas. Yeah okay so. He won three whatever one three four or five. And you know this is like what most would consider freefall. I've been very consistent in that. I think the last five games lineup pretty nicely. If we get in every time we lose. I feel more confident in the team. For whatever reason because only you wonder why what the drugs that. I'm smoking being a philadelphia. Eagles fan do you realize that's what happens every week to me as an eagles fan. And you're just like what the hell is wrong with this. But you got the differences. You guys are bad. And i think you agree about understatement. We're not we're not bad yet. We like the next five. Could say you know what the ravens weren't a good team. I still think we're good right now. Can we get two great. Good to great Defense is good very good missing brand new williams ankle and judah on that you know maybe that looks a little different today. Even though we played spectacular offense was missing. Everyone and lamar is the difference. We we looked good again. Running the football cat dozen have a catch. I saw some guy bet like five. It hit his over. That's off hollywood. Showed today he didn't lay out for a ball which i would've loved. He did at least show all right. Put the ball in my hands. And i can be a playmaker okay. So maybe he's not gonna go up like tyrod. Kill get contact. But let's try some smokescreen bubble screens. You know as much as anyone with hot team in the nfl as an underdog does dole. You like to. I our next five dallas the championship geared to. I it dallas cleveland. Which that'll be a tough game. Dallas cleveland jacksonville. The giants and since no borough. I mean if that's not screaming to you get hot and get in and let me give you a playoff path. That i am salivating over tennessee. What happened to the chiefs. Route one to tennessee pittsburgh city pittsburgh. I mean i would literally do any sign up for that harassing is it like think about from an outsider's perspective like when your team has like like Once poll what's the word. I'm looking for I don't know. I can narrative around us. No not like you're the thing that gets you going and get you up in the morning. Is the tennessee. Titans like i got a pause. Not i know i know. It's the revenge beaten twice in the last two years. But it's the titans and it's like oh that would feel good to beat the tight so the ravens actually had a story rivalry with the titans. Whatever it's coming back but yeah it's not about them. It's more about like we've lost both games the steelers this year. We lost the chiefs at home monday night. Like you know hardly seem twice in this league. Imagine trying to three times in the afc championship impassable happen. Let's move on to the nba. Big trade out of nowhere woes bomb. John wall in a i is headed to houston for the services of russell westbrook. Even i are not on the same page with the general media here. A why is jamwal. Why do they have to attach first round. Pick people think we're us works like much better than john wall. I don't say. I don't know the details of the contract but it probably has to do with that but i'm totally with you like first off the rockets and the wizard both just got better. I think i think so More so more. So more so the wizards for the blatant fact that they would have gotten better no matter what this year with john wall but russell westbrook in that offense who played at such a high pace last year one of the highest scoring teams in the league is just going to be pushing the one hundred and twenty percent kicking it out to bertone's kicking out to brad beal. He's got that coast are still. He doesn't have to be taking the last shot at the game and stuff like that. So the wizards got exponentially better. And i don't know if we and that new guy. Denny solid can the wizards via how i forgot got and the wizards being eight seed with that team thomas. Brian rui may I don't gonna have to worry about thirty million dollar man. Dan charlotte but And from the rockets perspective. Daryl morey pick up the phone my g. There's still a guy with a beard down there..

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