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Whole ten legacy and the that whole element of it all and you spoke about the foot there and there was a presentation I did it was a couple of years ago on the foot and one of the pictures I included was It was a dinosaur and it was I. think it was like a break your source like one of those dancers. With a really long neck and it was talking out it was like each of those kind of like the same thing like each of the the ligaments that connected and the facial lines that connected each of those bones was really the the total structure, the total, the ten segregate created by that total structure was what was required to hold that net head up if It was just a muscle like individual muscles that were linking the bridges. It just wasn't going to happen or linking the spinal segments. It wasn't going to happen you needed something that was more that superseded like the single joints and kind of was like a grand more grand wrap that actually could hold that neck up and I think about that too I've mentioned this. On this show before but my kids, they like the book on Pop, the two and four, and they like to do that and so when they're jumping on, me barefooted you the the pressure that goes through the meal. Anyway like thirty pounds you know thirty and forty and the pressure that goes through the balls of their feet into me is is massive compared to. Any other strength output they might have. So it's like. Walking for skill and you don't really have any muscle, you can put all that pressure through one point through the facile system that to me I'm like, okay. Every time they step on like yeah, I think this is the fashion system at work here and that type of strength you just get. That's not the strength you build by a really by I mean you can get a better by lifting weights in particular ways that you do it but I feel like it's just so much more developmental and in our wiring and our physiology. Yeah, I mean and and that's kind of. A nice little loaded carry that you have. Manual loaded Gary Exercise of going on there with your kids. But Yeah I mean a lot of like in A. Kind of all straining conditioning community, it sorta sounds woke rights talk about the nervous system and I mean there is. Obvious, obvious obvious component for that. But if you're not also addressing on the structural side rights of the nervous the hardware, you're not also addressing it on the structural side by developing integrated fashion than you're still muscling through movements. Right. There's a lot of people who might think that they're doing performance training, but they're only really.

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