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Handle it. Are you afraid you should be all right, So we started with Jaws. Then we moved on to Friday. 13th provide 43 yesterday have chance to get to his paranormal activity. The one that scared me the most was paranormal activity just from a movie experience was It was terrifying. Tonight You moved a number to a movie you may not have ever seen. It was called Wolf Creek came out 2005. Originally they did this movie and it was going to be an old like a slasher movies, an Australian movie and the guy who wrote it. Directors like you know, I don't like this. I'm thinking about something else. And then he saw a trial that was going on and he changed everything. And it's based on the true stories of a man who was known as the backpack killer Ivan Milat, and this guy was everything that was bad. I don't if you guys have ever been to Australia, but there's a lot of nothing out there. Take our desert. Multiply it by 10,000. And you could get lost so people disappearing in the Outback is nothing. That's Sze not totally crazy. But he killed a lot of people. They just went disappearing. He pick up Backpackers take him back to his his little area mining company he had and he was evil. Now they cast the guy that was a little bit more. Entertaining named John Jared, who's a great Australian actor. He's in a lot of Quinn Tarantino movies. But the movie itself is terrifying. Just because the Outback is even when you're escaping. If you don't know where, because he's remember he's getting Backpackers, Germans, British people, and that's how they caught him. A guy by the name of Paul Onions escaped him. They did a report not thought nothing of it. And then they found two girls who went missing. They found their bodies and he says, I think I know he did it. He contacted them. They found his report. They brought him back over and Ivan Milat died last year in prison..

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