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Saturday, April 16th, live on showtime pay per view. So 6 of these 13 new power capitis are in the SEC. It's Todd gold at Florida Mike white at Georgia, Matt McMahon at LSU, Chris James Mississippi state, did escapes, Missouri, Lamont Paris, at South Carolina. Here's a question for you. Which of these coaches makes two NCAA tournaments first? Great question here. 6 changes in a league, this isn't even a trivia time. This is an outsourcing to our listenership live on YouTube if you have not already please. Hit that like button, smash it, please. If you could. I want to know the last time I want to know the last time a power conference had as many as 6 job changes in a given season. It's probably happened, but I don't know. Now, to your question, who wins two first? Makes two. Not wins two games. Makes two. Let me run down, I'm going to run down the resumes of all 6 real quick here for you. And then I'll give you an answer. Mike white has 243 wins in his career in 11 seasons. Two 43 and one 28. He has a 6 and four NCAA tournament record and won 62% of his games at Florida and he got nudged out. Christians, you mentioned it before. I think you mentioned his MSU record. I've got one 43 and 44 overall and 6 seasons. He's made three tournaments and it would have been could have been four in 2020 if there was one, but there wasn't. Todd golden is 57 and 36 and three seasons. He just brought San Francisco to its first tournament in 24 years. Again, he's just 36 years old. You've got Dennis Gates, who was 50 and 40 and three seasons at Cleveland state. He made the 2021 tournament after resurrecting that program. The Cleveland state situation when he inherited it was an outright disaster. He turned it around quick and was a hot commodity in the past two seasons. He finally gets a power conference job. Matt McMahon was one 54 and 67 in 7 seasons at Murray state. He made three NCAA tournaments and did a wonderful job there obviously in the OVC helped basically trampoline that school into the Missouri valley for next season, but he will not be there. Lamont Paris was 87 and 72 and 5 seasons of Chattanooga. He just made the NCA tournament almost be Illinois. His Chattanooga team led Illinois for like 59 minutes and 22 seconds of that game before losing in the closing minute there. The first coach, how about, man, I do like, I'm going to say, I'm going to give you, man, how are we going against golden right now? That would be my pick. I think he's like, I think all these guys are good coaches who have accomplished something, right? You don't get these jobs unless you've accomplished something improving yourself. So, you know, I won't get into who's better and who's not. I think they're all good. I just think Todd's probably set up to win to make multiple instantly tournaments more quickly than the rest of these guys. It's the best job of the 6 Florida. Would you agree with that? I would agree with that, yes. Okay. And some would say LSU. But you're facing sanctions. Right. Right. And some would say all things even LSU is better. I actually would still Florida over LSU all things even no sanctions, but I just, just for our listeners, some people would actually debate that LLC is the best. Right. I get it. It's debatable. But it's not debatable under these set of circumstances. Where Florida's not dealing with a pending NCA case in LSU is. Colin castleton just announced he's coming back. That's a big development. I'm a fan of smart people. And guys who are, I think they'd be successful, whatever they did. And they just happened to be college basketball coaches. Now, this doesn't guarantee success, obviously. You know, at the end of the day, you're not taking the standardized test you're trying to run a high major basketball program. Derek Dooley at Tennessee is an example that runs counter to what I'm telling you I like. Really smart guy. Every time you heard him talk, he came across like this guy's well read. He's an intellect. He's smart guy. Couldn't do the job, you know? Just couldn't do the job. But I start from a point of, I believe in smart people. And I think Todd's a smart guy, a good basketball mind. And he's at a place where you're set up to win. I mean, I know Mike white kind of got nudged out of there. Or at least felt like he didn't want him there anymore. But he won there. Maybe didn't win as much as you'd like if you're a Florida fan and maybe certainly he wasn't Billy Donovan. But he won there. And I don't see any reason why ty golden won't win at Florida as well. There are some skeptics on golden to Florida. It's a huge jump from San Francisco to Florida. No doubt about it. I actually, he hired, we won't get into the weeds on staff hirings and stuff like that. But I will say he hired Carlin Hartman, who he's known for a long time. Carl Hartman, former Oklahoma assistant, spent the past season at UNLV. I think Carlin Hartman is a future head coach. If you told me he was a head coach in a year from now, I believe you. So he's actually built a really good staff there. But just to kind of paint a fuller picture for our audience in talking with people around college basketball in recent weeks, the golden to Florida one has piqued a lot of interest because there are some that think it might be too big of a jump, I don't know, but you asked who will get to two NCA tournaments first. I would narrowly say golden, but.

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