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That uh uh you would like to uh bring to the broadcast desk feel feel free now i am going to uh get into a story right after the five knows that the certainly could revolutionise the uh lunch program for those who get welfare yes the trump administration is proposing to save billions of dollars in the coming years by giving low income families a box of government picked nonperishable foods every month instead of food stamps and agriculture secretary sonny perdue praised the harvest box as a bold innovative approach that would give snap participants the same level of food value as the current system wild saving taxpayers money the idea the idea that the usda would provide millions of low income people packages of food on a national scale has not been floated by conservative think tanks promoted by industry or sought by previous administrations no it is something that you sda thanks would be better for the recipients and one hundred percent you as grown and produced food the america harvest box distributed every single month i'll get into some more uh about this uh plan that is being proposed by the ah the administration of donald trump and from what uh people are saying that know anything about it that it is uh much healthier much healthier for people so we'll see by thirty in the morning the brad davis program and the dan of course will be along it six clarke has he always is to join me and if you have any questions at all one eight eight eight five seven four two seven to three bad no me the core the old fox news.

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