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I'll go Caesar salad. But then I was going to make multiple options because some guys might not like steak, so they'll be chicken, they'll probably be some seafood, I want to try, and please many people as I can it's not just for me. It's for all the past champions in everyone. I want to have a great time. Let's say you get to set the menu for a big event. Like that. What is you? Everybody eats. But you pick the food what's on the menu. Okay. So I am going to go at talion all talion. Okay. Gimme a great eggplant parmesan with the eggplant breaded before it goes into the parmesan. Give me some big ziti killer. Gimme some linguini Ailey, which my mom makes very with anchovies. Gimme a great big Caesar salad with the real anchovy dressing. Not the anchovy free. Gimme some cheesy. Garlic bread. Oh, yeah. Gotta be on the list. Let me some gimme some pizza with mushrooms and scientists and clean having a night in Italy. Absolutely, greg. What are you going with you get to sit the whole menu. What are you picking? I'm going with an all Mexican interesting. Whereas they have like a taco bar where you get to choose. Whether you want Carney, start shaking, or whatever you want. You can have enchiladas you can have all the different rice and beans and everything that all goes with. Fajitas fajitas station all about it. All right. So if it's me giant, Fred Flintstone sized pork chops. Yeah. That and then but because I rish. She got a big potatoes. Yeah. All right. The garlic bread is an excellent idea. So the cheesy garlic bread in there and screw the salad. But I want a whole bunch of steamed broccoli or roasted Brussels sprouts broccoli, that's the greens the broccoli and the brussel choice. Bacon. Yeah. Muscle sprouts with some bacon. Did you see over the weekend pitas, send out a tweet that said, please give us one good reason? Why you eat bacon and somebody treated back because it's better than not eating bacon. It's thinking is everything's Bankin. Everything's better..

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