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Indeed most readers so do boy no of his the souls of black folk doc water less so you're were so no of his novel dr princess doc water is more passion is more honest more cutting and more uh apologetically radical than the souls of luxeuil gawk wetter deserves to be read today by the black lives matter generation he's that grandfather the heard of but hard we view to read him is to build him to hear his thoughts to fi whose radical spirit i offer to you to you all for skopje reflection and like like we edward burra court two boys scholar sociologist activist educator poet author wbd two boys of life in struggle i thank you all for your time from impersonation this is movie uh abu all too the two months w e b two boys was organized by philadelphia's saturday free school one of the panel members was is mayo jimenez a public school teacher the boy operated from a prove them i would argue obeys assumption that black people in america were never meant to be free and he operated from that assumpico nowadays it's kind of hard to convince people that even of reality we got a lot of people have forgotten that basis on connec proof that parents suggest how they kids and that that has weighed world is not how to ward his operate and i think that's very important that we talk about that when we're talking about the boards now won't go into the boys and marxism which is a real interesting aspect i think the voice surpasses marxism because he looks at the spiritual aids is from a place above not looking at it from like a whole calculated you you know dialectical materialistic type of angle but he's looking at it.

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