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Good morning Saint Louis a chain cocking kellyanne on Friday as we are every Friday did they say it was something degrees is cold can you believe that it was ninety something earlier about a fifty degree swing here in Saint Louis and quite a quite a swing and speaking of us when we have had an emotional swing here came a lax with the passing of our good friend Brett bloom is so sad you know Brad had been here for seventeen years just a great part of the family this is a family Michael Calhoun sticking around at the Monterey reflections on Brett bloom Debbie. I think the thing I'll always remember about by the most is how funny and witty he was because I would walk outta here every day and into the newsroom and I would say press skate and he'd say tab ski which was stupid I know it was like a little thing and then we would he would just always like he'd be working away at his computer because he sat in the news that it station right behind me and just you think he wasn't paying any attention to a conversation going around and then he would just have some whole areas quipper some really stupid behind and then he would just go back to work he was he was a very funny guy and we always had great conversations about our pets and our kids so it is sort of like you know we knew Brett was sick for some time I mean most of this year he has been very ill it's like when you know that you're gonna get some bad news but then you can finally get it it still hits you like a ton of bricks so anyway that'll be my feelings double B. this command and double be you'd be sitting there is hammering away at the keyboard Michael Calhoun you are a fellow news man with Brett bloom for years.

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