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First when the clock goes to all zeros while the ball still in the air. I love any play that involves that. Because play over obviously if if he gets tackled on the one inch line you get zero points for all the effort, but first saying it's a long field goal. It has to be a long field goal attempt. Otherwise, they won't style with sufficiently scared by that. Because in the twenty first century, there have been at least two of those or maybe. Three and you're right you called the commodity brothers Antonio. Cromartie has a number of children who could do it. In probably had a brother, who played Antonio did, I think there were two Cromartie in the Lee, baby. But either way seen that a lot. But if you see that guy like, oh, wow, he's a good returner. Maybe we should call this field goal coach because it's just like he's gonna field it. I, I have to say is right on that was going to be my answer in that play. I would argue is longer than a hundred nine yards 'cause he catches it about three feet above his head. But what you're confused about is not his brother, his cousin Dominic Rodgers Cromartie. Those two guys were related. Yeah. So there's a Cromartie there's Cromartie anyway. They're both super fast, guys and the so you have first things first, you have the idea of possibly a record setting field goal kicking something that's sixty plus yards. Oftentimes, sometimes it's windy or something. They'll put the guy out there. But for the most part, we might set a new record with a field goal number one. Number two, it comes up short and it comes that guy's hands. He now is going to cover more ground than anyone could ever come much room to run before the first defender gets to him. Right. And you cannot put your kickoff coverage team out there. You have long snappers you have holder. Oh, yeah. Right. Yeah. You could probably find three or four those guys on the other team. I mean you take. The holder, you take the long snapper. You may even take guard or tackle those guys aren't on the kickoff covers of those guys are not proper football players. They're not football players on the level that professional football required for most other positions to your point. Yes. Have a whole lot of experience in this field. The guy who's doing the whole thing as the backup quarterback. He is not on the kickoff return, the kickoff coverage team right? Yeah. So not only did you do you have Cromartie? Take it out of the back of the endzone, yo you really have like seven or eight guys out there to tackle them, there, three or four guys aren't gonna make it. I mean he really wasn't touched. And if that is if that is a. If that's a kickoff team guys have their lanes guys are guys are, you know, the guys that the, the, the gun at the end are down there to force everything to the middle so on and so far. So you have a rag tag group of tacklers to try to take a guy who would be a return guy is a return guy. It's that, that's a great point. I think yet to me like the when they do multiple laterals in desperation play that ends the game. That's an easy one to say, oh, that's so exciting when you win. But even when my team has done that on the rare occasion. I've seen that maybe once in my life cheering for a team to do it. And it comes through, it feels unsatisfying because there's a fluke factor to it. I am. I like my favorite thing in sports is not to win in overtime to see my team win an overtime. I like the victory formation in the NFL. That's that I love that moment of conquering. I love the. That line up and they have the guy way back there in case, the QB fumbles it and the game is over and he takes a knee and the whole stadium explodes victorious. I liked the empty net goals in hockey, that's the that's triumph in real tied. The game is still going, but the other team is desperate, so they take the goalie out and you score into the empty goal that to me is, is the most exciting moment for for your team. Yeah. Not as an objective fan. But if I'm rooting. Yeah it's all good..

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