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So it was Saint ex high school in some country day school. Typically, churches wouldn't qualify for taxpayer assistance. But because of the pandemic, Congress made an exception. Inquires is this mass shows the religious institutions here were approved for $169 million in loans for the bailout. I'm Brian comes news Radio seven W. A federal judge issuing another delay involving a local businessman more from seven hundred's Jack Crumley. Doug Evans will now start serving his 21 month prison sentence in October 9. News reports that the judge who presided over Evans federal trial from back in 2018 has granted another three month delay on when the business owner has to report. Evans. Attorney says his Flying its health would be jeopardized by Corona virus in prison. He's now calling for no prison time at all, saying that Evans is a first time non violent offender. Evans was convicted of creating a fake company to win public contracts set up for minority business owners. I'm Jack Crumley News, Radio 700 wlw and I'm Robert Carpenter. You're next update at 12 30. Breaking news any time news Radio 700 wlw Pizza Bullies Try My Pie.

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