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McLeod who knows I I just I don't feel like this is a deep roster that's young and built for the future the not your real time now but Jimmy we're not getting it we don't have it we're not dead you don't trade draft picks for Jamal Adams you that's why you don't trade for de Andre Hopkins and I want downward trend if you project this roster out continues if you would like we are going the wrong way in a big way I I again I think your first band I think you're under rating the town to tear you have to have talented players that we are fifty million dollars over the case and they have an exporter back who you can believe in we have an important matter media which is the most important running back hopefully to throw the ball to yeah and one of two tight ends to throw the ball yeah I just feel like any no wide receiver you're listening to ninety four W. I. P. H. U. M. Philadelphia broadcasting live from tasty cake studios I just think you you you are making it far more overblown than actually is Judy camera checking in with the text and I think this is a great point injured camera he says please say this on the air to John from me quote unquote Jody camera speaking right now in the last twenty four years the Jerry Jones led Dallas Cowboys have won three playoff games in the last three seasons the eagles with how we Roseman running personnel have won four playoff games so John should stop talking out his **** doubting how we while propping up Jerry Jones Jody camera Hey that's the point is for you we're not well done Jerry Jones well done how do you know you're you're dealing Jones his son my god has taken over I guess the way businesses run there because something's different yeah they've stunk something is different because they're not gonna stink anymore guys okay well dated may twelfth last year today so they're not going to look the way they did last year when they had more talent than we did and a coach who couldn't coach is way out of a paper bag a team that didn't respect him a teeny didn't play form when it matters you really think that's gonna repeat itself with a new coach look I think we got better but again I don't think he's that good so I'm not blown away but I think my record is better than Jason Garrett I don't think that's a very much I think this is going to college circles around my card is what I think yeah well that remains to be wondering Doug Peters and Doug Pederson you top coat top tier Super Bowl winning yeah and I fell head coach what's different about Mike McCarthy in those respects except that he's been coaching longer what do you mean let's take a look what's that I think that does the job fans of what our problem was was a brand new car at the Super Bowl winning coach top tier Super Bowl winning coach and what he's been doing this for a long time he's got experience under his belt would still get which matters I think Doug is a good coach I don't think Mike McCarthy's could coach that's that's the difference for me I think that might work are the ones who will because Aaron Rodgers I think Doug Peterson is the single biggest read reason eagles won the Super Bowl he was able to right the ship when the MVP quarterback went down and they bring in the polls looks like a disaster first completely changes often figures it out to work for falls I mean that is a coaching job I'm like we have seen in this city ever so now Doug Pederson yeah is the reason this course is going to be good right of course your head coach doesn't matter what it what the most important thing you what about what does your name mean how you doing what's most important dot which was more in the NFL head coach quarterback head coach Corey back any reading we just saw when the Superbowl and every month I think Doug Pederson Carson Wentz ari top five head coach quarterback combination so I think they're always gonna chance of those two guys there and again I don't think they're winning the Superbowl this year I don't think there are true blue suburban tender I'm not saying this team is all that I'm saying I think you completely under a Doug Pederson as a coach Jeff you're on W. I picked Hey John James how are ya I'm good deal well Jeff what's on your mind and heart yeah so actually bill Simmons once said of Wilson winning a championship you can with it can't complain for five years a job when it is a good although I definitely I know that before we won that title I I myself and many people said I will rip the eagles in the decade if they win the Super Bowl and that data and quick yeah so I I actually have two hundred John here yet again this is why I realized I thought this is gonna be one of those days where where it would be me and and the audience first John and it's it it hasn't been it really hasn't if you remember in the early nineties used to transparency meetings and we did this and then all of a sudden out of nowhere to win a championship it kind of snuck up on it because we weren't looking at it real time and that's what I'm seeing is what they're doing is Stephen Jones and is doing the tracking number number he Jerry wanted to draft Mandel Stephen Hadley tackled that or database that yeah that's what I heard and I'm like this Jaylen Smith they cook in the second round knowing you're gonna simply yearly becomes really good linebacker we don't know we have to set a price here and look what happened right it's just try I'm just trying to forecast we get the pass and we we have been way better than them but going forward it's just just feel about it on a lighter it does have the feel and that's a lot of what I'm basing this on you know like it end and this carries over to to Doug Pederson to like the feeling that I have is that I don't know what we have in Doug Pederson the feeling I have is Doug Pederson after year one they didn't even let him talk at at the end of the season we all thought he was gonna be fired if they started out slowly and then he turned around and they they have the season of of all seasons they won the Super Bowl Doug is now seemingly safe for that five year window just like how you can I but what has dug done to forward he's won four playoff games like tug you know what the judge did not have any responsibility for the fact that the rest of the division was the worst in football last year what do you DO this interview help getting like what order to do let me play the internet he did tell me that one is worse than they were after expect did the year before come on Doug his coach this team worse the last two years then he did the year they won the Superbowl sure he was a perfect zero zero zero is it doesn't mean you think again there are a lot of other factors to this wanted to marry Eugene and I wanted to read them to rally we've seen one great season have you got a superhero movie for us yeah I actually finally sold this weekend if it's a little candy but I liked it was for rag around my man that was absolutely the thing where I was we were Thor Ragnarok is a amazing movie it really is amazing movie it's the best of the floors and you know that we talked about the humor that they infuse in like guardians of the galaxy S. twenty out of all that I think actually Thor Ragnarok maybe the funniest Hammelburg Martin is whole areas he's a good actor yeah I really like him yeah yeah that's the that's the.

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