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Lined up on the piano at christmas time. And you really like. We don't make a big deal out of cnn our house but no matter how you feel about the guy this this santa is the loveliest man. He's so kind. And so sweet to the kids and you just. He looks like a coca cola ad But this your for obvious reasons. He's not doing in person visits but a big box. Outdoor store was offering the photos so we thought we'd give it a go but it was just so sterile an awkwardness. My kids sat about five feet in front of him with a giant plexiglass sheet between them in santa's chair and santa had a face shield on and then they couldn't hear each other between all that plexiglass distance it was just. It was such a fail and we have the weirdest photo now to remember what season this twenty twenty. Christmas really is. Well at least. The photo tradition went unbroken right. And and he you did show us the picture and it was so bad but unforgettable. So there's that well it can't covington what about you. This year was pretty eventful for you. Wasn't it yeah You definitely could say that at this time a year ago like most people. I thought i had a pretty good idea of what twenty twenty was going to look like and how it was going to go and and And then of course it happened. And when i think about twenty twenty i think about James four thirteen which says now listen you who say today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city spent a year their carry on business to make money. Why you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life. You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes instead. You ought to say if it is. The lord's will live and do this or that. This year reminded me that. Of course we have no idea what will happen tomorrow. But the lord does and twenty twenty was interesting. I contracted covid nineteen in early april. And of course back then. We knew almost nothing about this illness. So that was unsettling. But that the scariest thing to happen to me this year. Not even close because my daughter got her driver's license also my My prayer life has never been stronger. See there you go see. I know this by times for a remember the days Pretty scary stuff jenny. Rough what about you. Well believe it or not. My brilliant idea for christmas gifts last year was to get everyone an emergency kit. You know in case something unexpected where to hit the planet like i'm dangerous virus but my husband nixed the idea and added a pandemic hit. I remember thinking. I hope the al garden steak got my mother in law is proving useful in these time man with that But then i thought you know what if she's resting outside on her deck overlooking that silly foul maybe it is. Doctors say of the three pillars of health. Rest really is the most important. And i feel like it took a virus as serious as covid nineteen to force the world to rest air pollution cleared. The sky was blue families were walking trails together. Psalm twenty three says the lord is my shepherd he makes me lie down in green pastures. You know as if we're too busy or foolish or stubborn to choose rest. My heart goes out to those affected by the coronavirus. I pray the lord rid of this virus. But i also thank him for the rest he always gives no matter our circumstances. Rest and slewing down. Yes now that sounds like a great recipe for twenty twenty one. Actually well carl. What do you think yes rests slowing down. Sounds like a good idea and getting out with family and laughing. Together that reminds me of last year. we one of the best little church in the country. Christmas plays every you know just made us laugh and it was great and the other day. I asked if they are planning to do one for this year but of course they said no in fact they're still meeting outside and i guess that's better than not meeting at all like so many congregations today But some of us were able to go to a christmas worship service at a local family barn law with masks in socially spaced out. Hay bales of course This was the sixteenth annual celebration at the third generation. Family barn and it was totally family. No hype no professional singers or production. Just a simple time of song and scripture and mary and joseph and some shepherds animals and speak about animals that the donkey got along. Okay but at a certain point she didn't want to go anymore and joseph pushed and mary pulled in owner even involved and and sometime during that wrestling match there was some kicking going on from the side of the donkeys belly. Guessed it. the donkey was with child as baby. Jesus was looking on. Everybody just enjoyed the drama and sang the songs of praise for savior in a simple way in a simple barn and it was. It was good to relax a bit and soak it all in. Because i frankly i've forgotten how to stop and smell the roses as they say. Maybe this'll help me do more of that in the coming of the roses. Hey listen i come from a farm family so you know it smells like in a bar. It doesn't smell like roses. Wilford church in a barn to church in the big city. Meghan basham. yeah that's right. You know last week and my family attended a christmas concert at our church in charlotte should say distance christmas concert and our daughters. they were dressed in their festive best. We got lots of pictures of all. The cousins gathered in front of the massive tree in the lobby. But you don't have to be honest. As i entered the sanctuary i really felt kind of depressed and anxious about the schisms that seem to be opening through every aspect of american culture these days even among believers so much over the past year has just felt like one battle after another so as the sound of violinists vocalist drummers guitar players rang out celebrating the birth of our savior. I sat there feeling kind of weary kind of disconnected and that was when our international choir took the stage like everyone else. I've heard joy to the world probably thousands of times over the course of my life but somehow hearing it in french romanian hindi tagalog telugu spanish. It suddenly struck me. A new christ's coming is joy to the world to the whole world. So how divided. I may feel from other americans these days. I'm one day going to know perfect unity with my fellow citizens of a far greater country. well that be something. That'll be a joyful noise. Won't it okay. Myrna brown. what about you. How were you feeling this time last year. Well mary i've got two words for you. Fired up especially at the beginning of twenty twenty. You know sitting at the piano taking him. Requests from elders sitting criss cross apple sauce Talking about jesus with second graders and leading worship with men and women in recovery. I was all in on romans. Twelve eleven no drooping zeal here and then of course kobe. I wrote in my journal. I feel a restless discontentment washing over me and i stood in that space wondering like many of us. Now what then my church probably like. Your church discovered that line four letter communication to and we began using them yup. We began using it for daily morning. Prayer gatherings and at first every second of those thirty minutes seem consumed with petitions of protection on may twenty ninth. We needed a new facilitator now. Seven months later. I still get to lead this group of early rising prayer warriors. And you know we pray for prodigal 's marriages and sometimes i even get to lead the chorus of him but we never tire of giving thanks to the one who reminds us to rejoice always be patient in tribulation and constant in prayer never tire of giving thanks and boy..

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