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Listening to the paul finebaum show podcast casten is up next in mississippi cast welcome to our program after him hey there castle what's going on nothing much i'm just a big fan of the show we'll take you how old are you casting i'm thirty and you live in mississippi that's really cool what part of mississippi he mcgee is that is that in the central part of the state down south more okay south okay and you're a fan of your show and i like oh miss football ole miss well that's a that's a pretty good combination the finebaum show on this hottie taty yes so how do you think the rebels are going to under met luke great oh they have a really good quarterback maybe among the best receiving core in the country i tend to agree with you there they're going to surprise people i think my favorite receiver they have say monty really yeah the other guys not bad either yeah good listen you you call again sometime okay okay thank you squirrels ears at mississippi no he's not on any more thirteenyearold man i'm past that i don't think i could raise another kid take could raise the two i got it's hard enough dealing with danny in in in like a natural and i mean you you you should think about adoption or something you should dot jim raise but now they're rather have an exercise them misery show today wasn't quite as electric and just today you know but they're in there christmas but you know i was listening to your board matt call few minutes ago and he mentioned that i gave him process that i i don't know what the hell he was listening to if you taught him props but i'm never give out food props for nothing and and he's coming blocked so on twitter so i'm not aware and again that was a total sissy move i'm not going to bore the listeners with now but it was total sissy move but if he put something up about joe of a personal nature that he does we did internet i saw.

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