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Another interviews que says a lesson is have him each other since the beginning of time world star didn't and defend pass but the same way instagram top people to take our full pictures of their branch world star top and what to do when something violent happens take out your phone and you know world star pressure example i will that approach se of the day up at berkeley you know this is the one where they stepped up sire's this is debut de she's a hip hop journalist and historian and one of the knee on nazi cats gets knocked out and now you have like his pull out there video goal world star when he gets knocked out now we get laugh would because i think most and was like well that neal nazi needed to get not the hell out but what happens when it's the young man that knots to grow out on the blasts well cause a start out what does something demeaning to that and people pulling out there video talking about were all star knowing damn well that that's going to get a apply on on his channel i spoke with jason par and he's in editor at the feeder actually interviewed que a couple years ago i want to know what que would've said his legacy was and jason told me that for que the most important thing was that he never sold out world star was his cite his edition i know he was always looking to volcan grow but also and that and that went to ownership over everything he had enough but oh that thing was a success to him whether it's exceeded with a lot as of a larger culture i don't i don't i don't think so oh well the way the curse like my own personal politics but like i do love decided i think he's important and he's a gate keeper and that he very much a believed in but do culture and it rapid have been documented all sides it it but it's like at some point it became about something bigger that i don't think even he could control yeah i mean and i'm a runner interview only spoke he run up soon and he brother miss nbc's tips and you want to be the news he wanted.

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