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Trying to kill by going on a cruise. Yes correct sir okay. That's that's a beautiful relationship right there. Okay i'm sorry xactly so he. He says his opinions as if they are facts. And it drives me insane. Like he's like he thinks that mister toad is gonna comment in the middle of the night and suck the life out of him but instead of saying you know i. I'm worried that the cat will do this. He'll say mr totes will come in and suck the life out of me while i'm sleeping. Wow that's just one example. He's been saying a lot lately because he hates the cat who hasn't even met. Wow he's allergic to cats. So he's convinced that mr toads is gonna comment sock his soul out in the middle of the night but he doesn't even know mr totes. Yeah but he hates him already. Okay one thing. And i know you're not asking me to solve your problems and i know you're only giving example of a sort of thing but you might wanna point out to your brother who i just because you like him. The cats don't have lips that can you can create a seal exactly something to keep in mind just from an engineering point of view. They can't suck anything actually solve our listeners. I want all of our listeners. Never ask how paulin knows this. Well they can at teat because it's malleable but yeah they can't create a seal around your mouth but he he he just states. Everything is if they're facts. He never asked any questions. It's just this is. This is true and i always believe him too because i'm so gullible the problem and then repeating misinformation very even worse so you've said to people. Mr totes sucks the life out of my brother. All that's exactly that's really bad. All right even aware of yes. I mentioned something about curly sue. Please she's going again. It has a thirteen percent rating on rotten tomatoes. Is that good or bad. That's buddy you negative reviews. Do you remember when you were in school. And your teacher would hand your test back and it had a percentage on it. Do you remember the time you got thirteen percent and you waved and blasts and said up. I take okay wait. What well about. The girl that started knows what happened to her Alison corner. Yeah she lets you know what. Maybe this line of inquiry should be saved for the podcast. Googling shit with tony and bonnie your spinoff is perfect for this. She's pursuing vocal career. They sue. she's she's pursuing vocal career. Much like you bonnie. I think when i was in therapy i went to my therapist after that movie and said oh i said this really. Cute little girl into reminded me of when i was little. How embarrassing said admit right now. Matthew really i believe that's eighty seven percent embarrassing. According to rotten tomatoes eighty seven percent embarrassing moment. Why were you talking to your therapist about a movie because this is this box we will never be able to shut it. Hasn't really long time ago. Yeah she used to preserve press was jack warner and she used to go in and pitch ideas. Well it's interesting but if you songs maybe it has something there all right bonnie as long as you have the floor which seem to have a lot of what else about a loved one knows about a loved one and something that annoys you about them. Okay well i. I wanna say that you guys have given me some really good ideas stuff to do to annoy. Add the people i trust. That was the goal. Don't feel it's like it's like an added thing. Okay i see. Here's one here's one when you're talking to somebody. I i have a very close person in my life. And he saint something to me and then he goes. Do you know what i mean like. I didn't get the explanation. Yes i know what you mean. But he says it constantly through the whole thing. Do you know what i mean. Do you know what i mean. Does he wait for an answer. What are you going to say. Yeah i know what you mean. Okay but there's some people use that as sort of almost punctuation expression like you know what i mean like that but put his. He's stopping and sort of squaring your shoulders to him and going. Do you know what i mean is he like does he really thank you. Don't know or is it just an expression. No he's like to understand what i mean. Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth. Bonnie didn't like that. Well he doesn't say it like that but he's you know. Are you talking about your therapist. Jack warner didn't i just say what the problem was. Yes kid and that's fair and thank you for sharing bonnie. This is a safe space sometime. Tell us what some of our listeners supply wonderful. So i didn't use their last names. Because i felt like they may be would want to remain anonymous a little bit even though it's posted on facebook but Anyway so dana app said when. I asked my boyfriend what he wants for lunch. He'll say what. Are you having. Or if i say do you want to meet in your sandwich. He'll say argue having tomato. Oh gee just tell me what you want. What i want has absolutely nothing to do with what you want. That's dana. oh that's a good point. That is genuinely annoying. I would say. Wouldn't you paul i would. I would say that that is annoying. Do you know what i mean. Isn't.

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