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On the left questioning what is going on with the muller investigation and how is going after stormy daniels fcc violations in the purview of the russian interference what our elections you can use any poll you'd like if you want to hear what you wanna hear but i'm telling you that the true americans will not will never allow or adopt a progressive agenda they wanna live in a nation that is free and safe and unfortunately ladies and gentlemen we are going down a path of this team despair it's crazy i saw my good friend wayne allyn root road where his article yesterday the dc swamp launches a war against the president and this has been going on says he got elected and here's my question to you if you don't like trump because i i mean trump trump definitely leaves room for designed to be considered why you would like him or not letting you would like him or not like i mean as far as his personality but his principles and what he wants to do like trump is urging faster permits instead of making people wait years to get a permit he's trying to cut that back you're looking at business owners doing well there's so much going on excuse me there's so much going not in a positive manner to talks about the way i get i get battered over on the about the stock market last week by the way the stock market's up for the week and climbing the number is like twenty four or five but you don't want to give trump any credit for at all but you want anytime the stock market goes down it's trump's fault when the stock market goes up it has nothing to do with a couple of weeks ago what happened this week with tariffs china blinked they blinked they took the tariff some of the terrorists automobiles and you're going to see more with donald trump is doing this he's undoing what people that are supposedly americans or were americans did to help the chinese control our economy it's time for all the wake up and see where this is going the affordable care act is probably even number one thing on my hip parade that we need to go after and if we can take premiums down fifty to sixty percent imagine what that would do for the economy.

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