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Now. This has been incredibly thorough and eliminating. Yeah thanks I. I don't have the answers. I mean that's the fucking truth. I'm not sitting here on the top of the mountain going. Like hey man this is all Gonna. Work. I'm with everybody else. I'm just trying to figure it out and come along but had made quite a few mistakes along the way and have been in some stupid situations that that where it was needed and so I think that it's a have some practical experience and it was willing to talk about it and that overall thing that's the only thing I think I'm bringing to the table because I think all of all of you I think are I think when we talked to people who are reasonable and that people all want to do this. Yeah one of the one of the real lessons of any disaster and there's actually been a significant amount of just academic scholarship on this. Is that more than anything else? People want to help each other. Most people you know you've got that you've got that minority of the population who are monsters in any given part of the world. But most people want to help the people around them in their community and a big part of building systems of mutual aid. is giving people an opportunity to be nice to each other And to be helpful to each other and I I think that More than anything building. Those systems is the is the Is the treatment for the real disease right now which is fear like. That's that's that's going to do more damage to our society than the actual virus itself and this is the vaccine for it is getting is doing shit and also taking while you do should by the way I wanNA make sure upstanding this take take proper sanitation and P P precautions. Yes yes you know. Yeah Yeah but some rush you know. Some people can run to the fire and other people can stand nearby the fire. You know then we need all of those people and when you have people stand back way back and so you need to do that. We need all of those people working together. Not Individually if you're if you're still at a loss to what you might do one thing I might suggest. Is You know washing your hands. I using gloves print out some sheets of paper that say hello my name is this is an email address or phone number where you can contact me. Do you need something right. Indeed something picked up. Are you low on something like are you unable to leave your house? If so reach out to me and I can try to help you and Organiz that stuff on its spreadsheet and see if you can help two or three people in your neighborhood and see where where that leads you And again always you know sanitize your hands before you handle the paper you know have have gloves on or at least like a trash bag around your hands it. You'll be careful. Do Take. Take the precautions that are necessary to keep your community safe. But you know that's a way you can do with Scott was talking about. Ask people what they need and then attempt to provide it. It doesn't have to be you. Don't have to be building a clinic. That thirty thousand people volunteer at right like there are there are yeah skills ahead of that like the woman in my neighborhood. She put flyers up around the neighborhood. And maybe somebody that sees that will be able to use that resource. You know. It's not thirty thousand people it's one woman and then we have to judge it because everything. Dan fucking massive scale. Just let people do be what they WANNA do. As long as they're trying to work together on it you know like I mean if that's what that lady does and that that helps her far better than you know standing in line to buy mounds of toilet paper can you feel so disempowered to know and I think also approaching this I think one of the piece I would throw into this approach it with solidarity not charity and the reason is a big distinction there solidarity means that we are in this together and that that is different power share even if I have more resources stuff I want. I'm if I do good I want you to do good also and that's far different than charity. Which is like. I'm just going to help you. I don't even care I care but I don't care that much that's a band date where solidarity is like we are in this together and that's important because we are in this together. Nobody's immune from it. Yeah that's a really good point and I think one of the most important things to keep in mind. Is that like the goal of all of these? Things isn't isn't for like you to come in and provide things to other people and be the savior. The goal is to build. Like when you're reaching out to your neighbors and figuring out what they need and trying to ways to provide it your building resiliency within your neighborhood. That also defends and liberates you and that's a critical component of it. Yeah Yeah we're just about out of time here but Scott. You said you had a couple of things that you could plug for us today for yourself but here with us and it's not self promotion. I'm promoting these things because I'm trying to get them out for free and I want people to know that and it's my. It's my part that I can do my first black flags and windmills. That came out from. Pm Press is now available for free And the digital EP READER. All you have to do is give them an email and I negotiated with them for quite a while because they are also struggling as a small publisher. They are also struggling Because I wanted to get my books away for free. I often do during these disaster times. And this is what we came up with. An eight also put like ten other really good books on that list. Pm Press Dot Org Palmeri Press Dot Org You And you can go there and get a free reader black flags and windmills and or choose another book And I would recommend that also my My first book blackflies when meals is available in Spanish from the Outta Bozo. Papa collective collect data. I don't have their email address. But there's print copies available for Spanish speakers and digital copies also available for free to Spanish speaking people for communities that would need those and then I started a small record label. Last fall called emergency hearts based on this concept that I have called emergency hearts and it's a music label and then what we're doing with my my small record. Label is at two titles that we're selling and all the one hundred percent of the proceeds goes to different groups so one of them is enterprise. Blues revisited is an EP that I just released with televangelism and we're giving that one You can buy it all. One hundred percent of the proceeds goes to Mutual Disaster Relief Dot. Org this great organization that grew out of common ground occupying a bunch of organizations that works on this stuff. We talked about them earlier or at another compilation called. Richard Clubs Classics You buy that because I live in Austin Texas. It supports the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. Helps Musicians. That don't have health insurance in crisis all the time I it doesn't just give them insurance. That actually gives them. It actually provides medical support for them and so all the proceeds from that and then all the other titles. I think we have like sixty titles on there. All the rest of them are free until April thirtieth for anybody who just wants him. Download them whatever it is. It's I mean we're all just do you gotTa have something to get you through if you like. Electronic Music is the place to do while. We're going to end the episode playing some of your music. You guys like that. You can go check it out. In the meantime you can check us out online at worst year pod on instagram and on twitter and Scott. What's your twitter? Handle in case people wanNA find you online at Scott under the score crow. Just do Scott Crow. You'll you'll find him. Thank you so much for all of this incredible information. I think we've learned a lot today. Thank you for having me on the compensation and thank all of you for listening and please go out there and do something new. Something resist rebel create and Build. Yeah go.

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