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We reached rachel borsch in mean earlier this month she drowned a rabid raccoon that attacked her while on a run near her home the you know mr simmons as the one with the tongue or the one in the demon makeup and or the one who is possibly the biggest jerk in rock music and i'm including mike glove from the beach boys any way if we are to judge by the trademark application he just filed in the us his entry for thursday november fourteenth 1974 likely reads something like this dear diary rocked enrolled all night per usual but during the show i did an interesting gesture with my hand that no one's ever done before it was awesome bit my tongue again though anyway off to party now i know he kept records because in the trademark application mr simmons claims that he knows for a fact that he did the hand thing for the first time during that particular show from the application quote the mark consists of a hand gesture with the index and small fingers extended upward and the thumb extended perpendicular unquote now if you are attempting that gesture yourself two things first gene simmons now wants you to send him money second you will notice that it is the standard rock on or devil horns gesture that everyone in the world makes at rock concerts all the time the gesture that not incidentally various people appear to have made before mr simmons did including ronnie james do john lennon and spiderman the gesture that means love in american sign language gene simmons seems to be attempting to trademark the gesture for live performances meaning i guess that no one else could use it without his permission which on the one hand doesn't seem very rock and roll and on the other kind of ruins the party in the end the whole thing may result in rock fans making a completely different hand gesture to mr simmons one he definitely did not invent.

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