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A. Vern Pierson claims the well intentioned video performs a disservice instead of a public service by misrepresenting the facts of the officer involved shooting death of Sacramento residents Stefan Clark Pearson says the video fails to provide context of the teen's death by ignoring evidence that Clark was committing illegal acts before he was shot and killed by responding officers. More than 1000 families in the Sacramento area are getting a financial boost to help them survive the Corona virus pandemic. The United Way's Amber Lovett, says Thie nonprofits Local relief fund raised more than 1/2 a $1,000,000 over the last three months with trying to provide relief to local families. Level of crisis was amplified by Kobe. So these are folks who were already experiencing hardship that we're just kind of on the edge. While the capital region's fundraiser is technically winding down, United Way officials are keeping it open. Given the uncertainty of the pandemic and once hearing about a family is learning the hard way not to tempt hungry bears. They left food and trash in there parked car at Lake Tahoe. The bear wandered near trail and broke in through a back window for a service re tweeted pictures of the rat ransacked car, reminding everyone travelling to the mountains to be bare smart. Traffic and weather together. Here's Dana Bright. Do you buy batteries plus bulbs in north of five and 80? We have another grass fire reported and the fact it looks like sack fire has been notified on that. With Coach Bell Boulevard on ran north, down 1 13 A traffic hazard with people throwing objects under the ramp. Careful out there. Ah, westbound 80 north out 65. An SUV in the center divide, having issues there and 49 Wolf Road. This could be north out of the intersection..

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