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For the past seven months, Hassan Alcon, tar has lived in the transit known of the Kuala Lumpur airport. When his Malaysian visa expired, he tried to go to Ecuador. He was not permitted to board that flight, and he was afraid that if he left the airport, he would be deported to Syria. So Mr. l. Konta stayed put now. He has been removed from his place of refuge on Monday. He was arrested by Malaysian authorities. We spoke to Mr. l. contour back in April when he had already been living in the airport for more than a month. Here's part of what he said at the time. It's not my Ford that I born with say that I am Syria. I can be an extra Ed value in any community. I am a very good worker, an expert, man. I keep trying to prove myself yet. I'm not able to find a place, safe place, a clean place where I can be read. I'm so sorry to hear this. It's just awful. Can I? Can I ask you what? If you have a Syrian passport, as you say, what would happen to you if you went back to Syria? I won't. There's thousand eleven because there's this military service. So I'm wanted to join the fight. I'm brave man, but it's not my fight. I cannot just bought a part of killing machine to destroy my on home since April. A group of Canadians has been trying to help Hassan. I'll leave the airport and resettle in Canada. Laurie Cooper, spearheads that group. We reach MS Cooper in Venice, Italy MS Cooper. As far as you know, where is has Alcon tar tonight. I've been told that he was moved from the police detentions, Nancy centers that he was in. He is now in an immigration centre in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and why are they holding him? One will have on has been living in the arrival terminal at the airport in Malaysia for the last seven months after he's sort of got stuck, there was overstayed his visa in Malaysia and then was unable to lead the country and stuck in limbo. But on Monday, he was arrested by the Malaysian police. And initially they said they were going to charge him with criminal charges for being in a restricted area of the airport without a valid boarding pass today, they announced that they do not intend to in pursuit of criminal charges, but they have suggested that they want to deport 'cause on to Syria if they did proceed with the charges that he would stay in remained windy, so they would. They. They want him out. Yeah. If they had pursue the charges strangely, it would have been better for his because he, we would have had time to try to figure out how to protect him. What would happen to him if he was deported this area, it would. What does he believe would occur? Well, he would definitely be imprisoned because he is wanted because he did not complete his mandatory military service. He has very clearly stated his objections to the civil war that's happening in Syria, and he has been quite critical of the Assad regime, which means that he would definitely be imprisoned probable that he would be tortured, could be even worse. You and others have been trying to stop this deportation. And in fact try to bring him to Canada for all of these months that he has been in the airport. So what happened to your efforts? Well, application in a pro to sponsor. Launch, come to Canada. We raised over twenty thousand dollars to support that lots of application. The worked.

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