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Will let you rub innate over that one for a while limit wildfire damage also and the use of private prisons. I wonder. Almost sort of serious about this. I wonder how long it's gonna take before we all start begging for Jerry Brown. Come back. You know? It's we gotta really go down the toilet for that. One. Oh, damn. I'm almost forgot to mention his biggest priority. Governor soms. Biggest priority is to run for president the United States and twenty twenty four can't forget that one. Now back to the national dance. Have got some audio you need to hear the democratic Representative Hank Johnson of Georgia. Calling President Trump and Oxy this address was on behalf of the N double ACP. And I wonder what the N double ACP thinks about it. Because there are a number of members of the N double ACP who are Trump supporters the end AA CPI has done some polling that they have sat on that shows. Yeah. There's a nice number of their membership that indeed are Trump supporters and the N double ACP did some polling within their own ranks. Why why do you like this man and the answer from all of the N double A C P respondents is the economy, and we got jobs. Wallet issues. Pocketbook issues. So. This.

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