CBS, Military Intelligence, Nancy Cordis Ahha discussed on No Agenda - 976: '10th Anniversary'


That that horrible now you're facing calls people's people's names so the best one of this that i have the best analysis who is dead cbs's on this like on the they're just all over this tonight again this is i am reminded of the military intelligence versus central intelligence yes so cbs has taken this to another level they have be long reports on cbs and it's covered on the morning show it would it's covered on the news and so i wanna play the worst example of a corresponded to me for kind of twisting things as nancy cordis ahha and so i'm giving her hergott props for twisting everything she can and i want to play the whole clip about her on the nets not the whole clippers what have it but this is nancy gorge you had to be careful and it's she's not the ice so this is nancy quarters on flake trump brouhaha as president donald trump is also head of the republican party and he denied today that it is a party divided despite evidence to the contrary including prominent republicans yesterday calling him a liar and a danger to democracy here's cheat congressional correspondent nancy cortas members of congress ought to speak out amazon a republican jeff flakes call to arms once match with mutiny today killed eight colleagues refuse to open fire on mr trump has yet i'm also on very good terms with the president and very focused on getting results for job with to put our head down and start legislating i mean they're holding batted partly because the trump white house he's clung to their agenda on issues like tax reform we now have a president who will sada user fifty the naser fifty just last night the vice president hans the cast tiebreaking vote enabling republicans to block an obama era rule that would have allowed consumers to band together to sue banks for wrongdoing the vice president votes in the affirmative and the joint resolution is passed we have great unity of you'll the president insisted today that hearty friction has been overblown now is this what the democrats mean when they say when they go low we go hi is that an example of what he did.

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