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Show. Thanks so much for coming thanks. It's great to be now in terms of the creative industry. Was that something you were interested in working in from an early age. Yeah definitely. i'm i originally. When i was at school and i was in my first year of drama drama school my first year of normal school so i was like twelve fifteen. I assumed that you could need to in that kind of thing. If you're an actor. So i ended up stein School kids are in great drama teachers writing inspiring a buck. I seen realized. I absolutely hate being on stage and just had no place me whatsoever so with that in mind i was i on my word i denotes the comes up but anyway i can follow these crates. Passion students agent a show capela. I was one of the way he says we're in the middle of hustle. And i looked off. The stage was to teaches in the audience. One of them with directing and then the other one was doing something else and afterwards i asked her what she's doing is stage managing the show and i suddenly that is kind of being near a me moment of where my career is being because i trained as a stage manager originally And felt like it was like a way of easing lovie stepping stones courses and things that are available tee me to get me into the industry but when i go to a certain point in my sage management career i realized that actually scratch more that crazy rich. I kinda thought backside might remember the actually directing something kinda cool now. I've had the experience of being stage manager. I can see more very into becoming a director. And so that's why did not doing today. I know a lot of your early work within tv. Is that where the journey started for. You well actually. I started off. Originally in phase trained as a in a guild scooby's can drama in stage management and technical data but the summer before i went drama school. I went often. I did work experience on the hundredth episode of t live and changed my entire outlook on life. Because suddenly i realized that it was his other exciting medium. That was much more any multiple short san. We didn't really rehearse that much it was much. Is cici my personality. A lot more. So because of that that really sparked my interest and made me realize that maybe the reputation of fates. It wasn't the thing for me. So i went off and i did my degree and i got a great. I had a great time doing that. All the time of day might Always doing In and i. I literally jumped ship of my degree and finished on the friday of the month. Best today abbott. Tv as an assistant manager and that naturally meant that my is a great grounding in oversee kind of inspired t be back in the day. The days came first. So we'll my education. Things never went waste because it would be grounded me in processes that she alot of people stumbling tv understand processes and kinda just muddle their way tree That ground being kind of allowed me. Everybody access sage madria. Tv a little besser and kind of navigate my way through the system a lot quicker and within all of that i also need. I had this crazy rich. And so i started to as obsessive music videos. I'm really sausage. Can how do that. And i wanted to write music videos inside. That became the It was because i had my knowledge of tv and cameras and all that kind of roots of caribbean crazy with cameras camera. Work that allowed parkway type thing as would stand led into doing live performances with pop stars and of the lovely things like that because they've met because i had that background on age from the Unconfirmed the tv night's performances to live way. Do you draw your inspiration from creatively. I mean everywhere essays. I'm just almost like a sponge the whole time and inspiration. I love to read. And that doesn't mean i'm reading books. Oh specifically there to inspire me. It just means that. I'm inspired by story structure. I'm inspired by characters. That like might be random but but sunday come back to may. I'm inspired by other people's work inspired by instagram. In the pictures. I see random videos and most technology alone. So because i've got that in-depth understanding of that kind of technical side states or not background seeing that technology in seeing a moving light for example it's been craig's in specifically for lighting designer. But i see in a how insperity can be applied lightens on away but how that could look behind an artist or how it could be used to interact with one. Another five dances that. We're working with or something along those lines. Just kind of seeing things reframing it with my mind and then putting eight. so yee's in an idea when it is right before we get onto blackstone. What you're doing more recently. I know you worked on the evening. Seventy the two thousand twelve olympics. I i wonder how you got involved in projects and what you remember. From that time. That was an amazing experience and actually dot kind of old at that period of time that base kind of tease really kind of kick started the process that is now black skull But essentially i was doing tv up until that time and it was about six most before two thousand twelve. Or i saw some twenty twelve on city before The actual ceremony was working. Tv and it was all kind of relatively small-scale but sauce working as age manager with abandoned. Kotite and i've always my start of. Phase management was always high british being good organizing doing everything sage module a day but then also having this great creativity. Because that's what. I am as an individual. I was quite For the right type of directed i was working with. They loved up. Because i really translate their ideas and make practical for them so i was doing this tv and i started. What can we take that on all of that. Tv shows every album knows. Did the stage managing kim gavin gracie director who lacy has become a bit of a mentos as he had all these big ideas and i was able to kind of re translate them and get him on stage for him alongside some of his other team and he asked me going toll with tate at the progress tool. Which is the biggest stadium toll with uk artist ever the dates in arrive at wembley or something like that and is huge and i'd gone from danish. Tv shows back on my street. They had a completely different scale stadium. Scale and i and i. It was quite addictive. Once you've done stadiums go Learn lot and so that really gave me my ticket into the world. Twenty twelve year Craig's soundings big technical understanding but then working stadium scale meant that when i applied for that job and kim gay came with right in the closing ceremonies. He gave me a good right up. on i kind of met the pays shepherd. He was the technical director of the time. They could see that this crazy. The understanding of crazy would be a real strong for my role was my official term was production manager which meant that out department in when i stopped. It was three of us in our department. We ended up doing a one hundred ninety two thousand Across four ceremonies under prop on stadiums gaucho as anything from the massive puppets the road onto the stage which alike in size of towerblocks Versus a little hemmed. Fox's someone carries in like a pocket watch and crazy all of these from scratch but not just that the the system of delivering around the stadium and making sure the ten thousand cost walking on stage with outright right moment. All of this kind of infrastructure.

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