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When i first started broadcasting in october of twenty ten when one of my first shows i quoted somebody who was a canadian diplomat by the name of peter dale scott who was speaking about deep politics and the deep state and i and i have here from eight years ago almost eight what i said and when i said this people said that this is ridiculous this is ridiculous what you're talking about here here's here's i talked about peter dale scott and him identifying what is considered deep politics by the deep state quote looking beneath public formation of policy issues to the bureaucratic economic and and ultimately covert and criminal activities which underlie them which is if you will perpetrated by an entity entitled the deep state unquote your take well we see the deep state today which is also commonly called the swap but the deep state is still in control of our country and they're dominating our country to this very day and even though president trump swore he would break the deep state and break the swamp drain the swamp he said we've just found out this last week that the deep state is alive and well and so is the swamp and they seem to still be the ones that control and we haven't we have not ship ourselves loose from them maybe we've done them a little damage but they are on the rise again what can i say in an introduction pat i spoke about the fact that you work with antony antony c sutton who's a legend in the freedom movement in the nineteen seventies when you did a deep dive and dissect it to your own peril about the trilateral commission which is an part of if you will the deep state the new world order crowd the globalist structure pat when you look back in time do you believe the deep state the globalist system was more powerful when you first dissect them back in the seventies with antony c sutton or now rush more powerful today than they were back then now put that a little bit of context though back in nineteen seventy three when the trilateral commission was formed you had the most powerful movers and shakers in the world and the industrialized world as members of this ferry elite organization and they were the.

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