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So let's see how long this tradition last, but it's going to start here with number one in this book. I don't know if I could go and complete order or they might sue us some day. But number one. Here we go you ready for this. I'm sitting what is the best time to go to the dentist? I dunno two-thirty. Yeah. That's definitely a dad joke. Tooth hertie. Yeah. I got it. I got. All right. So Dan, the show we're going to chat with Brandon Jones. And we're also going to feature the final four drivers from both the truck annex Finnity series right on this year program. You know, we pretty much. I think we wore out are welcome with the Cup series top sixteen. Right. So we're gonna go with Brandon Jones before your Jones. Yes. Okay. That's the plan. We discovered that. We we actually did air. The Chris butcher interview twice now. Right. We speculated to ourselves. I don't know if it was on the air, but about whether we had played them before. But why would we look that up before we try it? So we didn't and played it before. Well, it was so good. We figured why not it was. I mean, we had a lot of good chat during that interview. That's right. That's right. So Brandon Jones on this program. We're thinking about Eric Jones next week. Yes, you're gonna definitely hear about how. Urge Jones feels about people celebrating him during Halloween. All right. So it's a timely and topical. Very timely. Very tall. All right. All right. Well, we, you know, when we do these interviews we kind of plan for the future, but sometimes a a timely thing slips in there. And it's okay. I mean, I figured you know, big name, Dr earlier Jones would air it before it was out of date, but not not here. No, no, certainly not not on this program. We were probably busy, you know, planning one for like, Kevin Conway or something have we done the land in castle interview before Eric Jones. Did we do Landon castle? I think we have are you? Sure, I don't remember that being on here. All right. Well, maybe that should be coming up soon to. Yeah. What's going on? Why aren't we getting to my interviews? Well, we did last week. I mean, Chris Buscher, and then you're my at Snyder and before that was Ryan Blaine. So that's true. Yeah. The last Landon castle appearance we have on our show was the double shot of Landon castle interviews that we did. That's right back at episode four nine. That's where I interviewed him. And you interview them, right? Yes. And we compared to see which one do better. And it was me. It was obviously me. Now, I think it was me. I think the vote showed it was me. But dig Nealon, basically, tell him he was worthless. And he shouldn't be driving. If I remember correctly. It was something close to that. But I didn't mean that. So. We're your friends. Let's begin our view of the final four drivers in the truck series that battled for the championship at the season ending race at homestead Miami speedway. First up is number four Johnny solder, a frequent listener to this program and the radio program. So hi, Johnny. Sorry your fourth. But you did have six wins. Fourteen top fives seventeen top tens don't. They have like eighteen races amicus point to close. And so those winds coming at martinsville, Bristol, Texas, Charlotte Dover, and Tony here's Johnny solder. Honestly, it was the hardest. Couple of weeks. I've had after season like that. You know, just feel like you're doing all the things you need to do to go down there. And I felt like I was prepared as good as I could be. And I felt really good about what we were doing going there. And then they have it unfold. Like that it was very very tough the week. We two weeks after that was it just sucks. You know? You have a season like that you want to capitalize on it. And we we did. So, you know, all in all it was great year. But you know, about championship kind of leaves a little void and Johnny solder. I'm being a mentor at GM racing..

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