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Your questions at 808 590957 again. That's 808 590957. Dr Colander can't tell you how impressed I am that you have listeners in South Korea. That's amazing. Amazing. The reach right mate goes already big right pollster even but anyway, but it's also good to know it was a good question. I got health and you've discussed Got Hella lot. Toby Gerald Listeners. You've got a worldwide audience. So we're here, mostly talking about covert prevention and howto take charge of your health. But even I have another call. We have a color in the land we have sharing from Detroit sharing. What's your question? My question is if I was exposed to someone that with around someone else that had cold at 19, should I wait 10 days before I get a cold? Sharon. Great question these air all difficult to answer. So what I would recommend is you need to know when that person who you were exposed to was exposed because that's when the clock starts. Celery. That person has a 14 day time frame where, frankly, they should be quarantined. So if they don't get sick within 14 days on their clock of exposure, that's when your clock ends in my mind. So again. This comes down to the new CDC guidelines of not getting tested if you've been exposed because look at the timing, you know, your friend may have been exposed 56 days before. So that's when your clock starts. Not 14 days from your exposure to your friends. So if your friend gets 14 days from their exposure, that's when you're off the hook. But in the meanwhile you should really be Quarantined until that time because you don't know where you are. You might be positive. You might be negative. The tests are not that reliable The time by the time you hear an answer your 14 days or up anyway, so You know, good luck, staying home and keeping away from other people and just drink a lot of water. Take your vitamin D in your sink and call us if you have any problems. Okay, Here's my question for a number to reach to it. 866 calendar That's 866. While e n d. E R. Have any further questions will be glad to get back. Teo is quickly as possible. I'm sorry. Can you repeat that 866 calendar That's 866 K 0 l e. In the Thank you so much for your afternoon. Your time. We will be well. Good luck. Okay, Doctor calendar, You know, here we have these people calling in and you know they're quarantining and there They're exposed to people, and then you're the same time we just talked about the fight. The tests are unreliable. So what's the point of waiting and getting tested? Well, guy wanted just remind the audience of the ark that are our office took in the show has taken so back in April. We were hot on testing, but again, we were offering state of the art serology testing. And we're also offering some state of the art swab testing. But now you know, with the inability of our government to establish a national level. Not. You have to get national level testing, and you also have to have national level contact Tracy in order for this whole system, Tau work without that being in place. The testing that we have is not that effective. And for that reason I've been telling my patients and I get tested with after exposures for about a month now, so the path of the CDC came out and said, Don't bother getting tested. To me. This is ah common sense recommendation, not a political recommendation. It's being played off in the news as this is the you know, basically our president. Putting pressure on the CDC to tell people not to get tested to keep the numbers down before the election. To me, it's common sense now again. I'm not I think our whole system is messed up, and we should have had proper testing from day one. Now that's not been done, so why not? Well, it's a failure Well, This is a mirror of our health care system. Our whole healthcare system is based on The back end. So what's the back end in coverted? Make sure we have enough ventilators and ice you beds to keep people who are ready to die in my world. We want to be on the front end identified disease early and prevent it. So the front end in the world. The cove it is identified. People have the disease, isolate them find ways to keep them healthy and not even see a hospital or an emergency room. So that's where that's where I'm coming from. In terms of Cove. It also none of your patients. I may say wherever admitted to the hospital, which certainly is ah, lot of credit t with your program of prevention, but coming back to you know, you've been ahead of the curve all along is this calls for a start? Let me ask you one more question here. Why? I mean, we go out. We go to stores. We ought to target we have to go to grocery stores were still involved with being around people. Interior. We can't stay away from. We have to get groceries. We have to go out. How do we know we may have been exposed to people? My question to you is Why are we not just saying Everybody get the serology tests to see the good antibodies? Why is that? Not the most important is well, because you, Khun Astrology just tells you that you've been exposed and that you do or do not have immunity. It doesn't mean that you I will not become exposes somebody today or tomorrow, So it's important to maintain social distancing and wear a mask because we do not have frontline surround testing to see if you've been exposed today. Have you a rapid test in 20 minutes. That was very accurate. That told you retested, I'd say Go ahead, do that test. But the rapid testing is not that accurate. So that by the time people discover they've been exposed, it's been 56 days. You know, we all should still be wearing masks and social distancing and the reason is that we do not have proper Testing in place. We do not have social, the contact tracing in place. If that were done, then we could all be working, frankly. But because it isn't we have tto sit in our rooms were a mask. Keep our distance. And and again testing in my opinion, is not that valuable When you don't trust the result, and you don't get the results after 3 to 5 days, we have another caller. We have Vera from Farmington Hills here. What's your question? Vera. They have a do we have here online? Maybe not. Okay, Well, maybe we'll get her back on. Okay. Sons. Good. So, Dr calendar. So what is the answer and sons? All very archaic here. It sounds like you were right about your analogy of the stone. Ages Well is archaic and our again our government has get our government has not invested. In prevention. Our government doesn't invest in our government and our insurance companies, not just our government, but our private insurance companies do not invest in prevention..

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